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Xie Changting advised Chen Jinning? Take part in the White House of the Police: Thank you for Lowering the Rice Tail – Zhongshi News

The presidential government, Ye Zhuan, said in a recent party candidate for a new mayor, Su Sukhang, that Hou Youyi has always said he was unarmed to find Chen Zinging, but in fact Xie Changting is unarmed to convince Chen. Former police professor Ye Lanlan opposed the Facebook publication and pointed out that Hugh Yuey should enter. At that time, police officer Guan Jhehe, who participated in the Bai Xiaoyan case, also commented that Shi Chanting was accompanied by Hugh Wei at the time, but Shi did not pay attention to the police's efforts to resolve the crisis and managed to he sighed his opponent. speculation.

In response to Yen Lanlan's statement, Japan's representative, Shi Changing, said on Facebook today that these elections have distorted many things. If we understand that Hu Wei really told him to go into the hostage negotiations, I can refer to evidence and announce the recordings on stage.

However, police officer Guan Jieze, who was involved in the case at the time, said the reduction process indicated that Bai Xiaoyan Chen Jinning's murderer had asked the prosecutor to guarantee a fair trial, the commander agreed to open the television news so he could Chen Jinning to see this guarantee. On the TV screen, Xie Changting appeared in the crowd and took the opportunity to meet Xie. In order to let the matter stop as soon as possible, the commander contacted Xie to help him, and Xie was accompanied by Mr. Hu to enter the scene. Then Mr. Xie did not return to the command post to explain the situation, but even called a press conference to take the page. Explaining that he is ready to protect Chen Jinzin and others, he neglects the police's efforts to resolve the crisis and reduces the mentality and actions of the rice squad, so that the police, who have spent all their efforts and risk negotiating to resolve the crisis, complained speculation of this man.

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