Thursday , July 29 2021

[ข่าวซื้อขาย] Wait, there is not! Under the Tiger Tiger it is clear that even if the pain is an operation

Ulrich Hernes, Bayern's president, confirmed that South Tigers are still interested in Calum Hudson-Doy Wonder from Chelsea are the same Even if the pain is lasting until the end of the semester

From the last 18-year-old star of Thap Sing Blu Heavy hamster injuries in the game, Burnley 2-2, while he had to undergo an emergency surgery. And to get back to the pitch, we have to wait until the next season

Karl-Heinz Rumm, Manicke, and Hasan Salihidichic recently confirmed to me that they are still interested in Culham Hudson-Doe as if he had to come in. Obtain a crippling operation, "said Hesses.

"I think this is a deal that we can first save important files. Then when done, take it out and go again. Actually, I do not want to talk about Hudson-O Doe because he has to rest and stay away from the news while healing is "

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