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11.11 from single to global shopping Make money by selling e-commerce businesses

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Recently passed on 11 or 11 November Many people may not understand the day of his arrival. This is now a national online shopping day. And from the very hot flow, it began to spread in offline store offline.

In fact, the symbol 11.11 originated on November 11, the beginning of which was Chinese Singles. Day of Singles starts with Nanjing University students (Nanjing University) Some decide to separate themselves from the boredom of their singles in a day, 11, 11. The reason they choose today is because the number one significance is loneliness. That is a sign of celibacy. However, this simple celebration has become one of the biggest shopping days in the world. It turned out that this event had received a lot of attention in Southeast Asia.

And with genius Jack the godfather. Alibaba One day to mix in marketing strategies to create one colorful person. Let's shop together. Today has become a hot phenomenon, making it a Southeast Asian national holiday shopping. Included in Thailand. At present, there are other e-commerce businesses. Day 11.11 is also an annual shopping exhibition. OK Shopee, Lazada, Very much

I just passed this festival recently. "Alibaba Group" Large companies in the industry. E-Commerce Message initiator. Sales success during this festival. Mr. Daniel Zhang, Chief Executive Officer of Alibaba Group, said: "The entire Alibaba business ecosystem has participated in this event. Alibaba will continue to lead in the digital economy and lifestyle in the future. Total value of goods. TheGMV) Pay via AliPay on 11 November 213.,500 yuan (around 30,$ 800 million), up 27% compared to the previous year. Sticky network is responsible for shipping 1.,000 million And more than 180,000 brands participate in festivals. More than 40% of consumers buy foreign brands. And with 237 top brands. GMV More than 100 million yuan Apple, Dyson, Kindle, Estée Lauder, L & # 39; Oréal, Nestlé, Gap, Nike, and Adidas Countries that sell products to China in this event are Japan, the United States, South Korea, Australia and Germany. Of the 230 countries / regions involved in the transaction. And Lazarus joined 11.11 as one of the Alibaba ecosystems. This festival is offered to consumers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Said James Tong, Chief Executive Officer of Lazarus Thailand.There he is. "Las Vegas strives to expand its e-commerce business and innovation capabilities. To determine the new online shopping experience for customers, traders, and brands. For 11.11 shopping festival, Las Vegas prepares a logistics system and customer service. Including Alibaba's innovative technology to upgrade to create a new online shopping experience. It also has the capacity to serve customers with the biggest shopping festival. The only day of the year Because what will set the e-commerce business to become stuck or go away? This is the ability of e-commerce itself. Can they build trust with their customers and get them back to make a purchase?

Closed Said Terence Price, Chief Operating Officer of Shopping.There he is. "For this year 11.11 campaigns, the biggest since this year. "Shopping" Received a very good response from buyers to that. "Shopping" Can reach the previous year only 7.46 (GMT +8) In all regions. "Shopping" The number of orders reached 11 million orders on November 11, 2018, up from 4.5% in 2017, and more than 42 million buyers poured offers, offers and promotions. Most bang from all categories. Especially at peak times there are more than 58 products sold.,000 pieces in one minute On November 11, brands and stores that have been attracted by buyers have reached a higher order. 1,909 times and more than 800% of buyers visited. Especially in the category of health and beauty products. Home and living And cellular gadgets, which are the three most popular categories. Above that, the top 3 most popular products are: Vaseline Lip Therapy , Light bulb OPPLE LED, Baby Love Power Losers Very much

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