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3 methods, 6 easy steps for screening primary breast cancer


Bangkok – April 25 – Sukhumvit Hospital

Breast cancer is cancer that is the largest cancer of women. Breast cancer screening can diagnose breast cancer before symptoms.

Breast cancer screening has 3 methods: breast selection, breast examination by a doctor (Clinical Bremenmasm), and mammography testing should begin at the age of 40 or more once a year. Can Help You Check Breast Cancer can be found before palpation or before abnormal symptoms.

Self-examination of the chest is important. And recommends that women check their breasts regularly at least once a month Once to be able to detect breast anomalies Can help diagnose breast cancer at an early stage and timely treatment

Step 1 Stand in front of the mirror, use both hands at the waist, observe the size and shape of the breast, including the color of the skin of the breast. Watching What Has Changed Under normal circumstances, those who have never had breast surgery before the two breasts are of similar size are not distorted or deformed rather than swollen. There is no skin relief Or traces of the skin are like dimples Normal skin color should not swell red, which is observed by seeing the pores more clearly than normal. Note that the level of the two grains should be of a similar level. No lesions on the basis of the grain or grain If it is found to have the abnormal characteristics mentioned above Can be caused by breast cancer You should consult a doctor

Step 2 Stand in front of the mirror, grasp both hands and hold and watch the breast as in step 1.

Step 3 While standing in front of the mirror Notice that there is water on one side of the grain or on either side or Can not be yellow water Crystal clear water Or color like milk

Step 4 Breast Palpation Use the opposite hand to feel the breast in the lying position, keep your forefinger, middle finger, and the toe finger close to each other. From the middle of the country Outside of the breast, later felt from the top By sweating from the area Under the collarbone to the vertical breasts around the chest And finally, palpating from the base of the grain outside the radius all over the breast, examining the same way in the opposite breast Normal meat of the chest should be smooth, without lumps, the skin should be smooth, without any rashes or ulcers.

Step 5 Review the breast in a sitting or standing position, using the same procedure as step 4, breast examination using straight hands. Skip the study sitting or stay up to check the breast at the top rather than sign up

Step 6 Sometimes breast cancer can spread in the armpit of the same lymph node, which leads to an increase in the lymph nodes under the armpits. Can not detect chest lumps This is why examining the lymph nodes in the armpits It is especially important to check the lymph nodes of the arms and chest that are close to the armpits by checking in a sitting or standing position. Use the opposite hand with the pointer The middle finger and the nameless finger begin to feel as if from the arm in the direction of the grain. If following the above procedure you should consult abnormalities, consult a doctor for diagnosis. And keep as appropriate

Currently, breast cancer surgery has advanced significantly, and people with breast problems should seek medical attention. Since breast abnormalities can be associated with breast cancer Patients with early breast cancer detection Can keep breast Can be used in breast surgery in combination with radiotherapy (breast preservation therapy) if contraindicated Which provides treatment results Not unlike all breast surgery

Breast cancer patients who do not find lymph nodes under the armpits that are raised According to this standard of treatment, doctors will use the color injection method. Then take the colored lymph nodes to check in the operating room (Sentinel lymphnode biopsy) to see if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes. Yellow armpit or not If it is established that the cancer is spreading Therefore, it is undergoing lymph node surgery under the armpits Which can reduce the chance Complications of the lymph node surgery of the armpits such as swollen lymph nodes There is no cure at the moment. And the condition of the shoulder causes the arm to rise and the use of this hand less

Surgery for breast cancer is now in addition to breast cancer surgery. Breast shape after surgery To minimize breast deformity from surgery Except for being able to fix the breast to get a bigger shape By surgical surgery "Oncoplastic surgery" and breast surgery (breast reconstruction) at the same time as breast cancer surgery t

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