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& # 39; Taxi & # 39; Bring More Than Half a Million Millions of Machines – 20 million

& # 39; Taxis & # 39;

"Taxi Medicines" Half a million Machines – raw materials worth 20 million Large Coke teams. Raid on Krathong

& # 39; Taxi Drugs & # 39; / On November 16, Jenderal Surachet Brourawat, Ph.D. As deputy director of the Center for Crime in Information and Technology Pol. ร ร ผ ผ ผ ผ ผ ผ ผ ผ ผ ผ ผ ผ ผ ผ ผ ผ ผ ผ ผ ผ ผ ผ ผ ผ ผ ผ ร ร ร ร ร ร ร ร ร ร ร ร ร ร ร ร Cabbage. Nithithon Chintakanon Border Patrol.

Krissanuwiwong Taree Secretary General Food and Drug Administration Tha Prapan Food and Drug Police Advisor. And the Ministry of Science and Technology.

SearchTHAI PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. And Kelly Services Co., Ltd. 12 and 12/1, Jalan Chakkra, Taling Chan, Bangkok There are 15 bags of raw materials, without labels, 25 kilograms of raw materials, 16 TRANEXAMIC ACID cartridges, 1 label of TINDOL and TRADOL branded computers,

Computers are used to print drug packages, TINDOL brand labels are contained in plastic bags containing 5 bags, a burner. One drug trafficking bill, a large number of Alzheimer's drug dealers, and the arrest of Mr.ativanit Methavin, 44, factory owner and Managing Director, H. K.

Thipasiri Jatuchamrit, 40, wife and transfer of fake drugs, Mr. Thian Sinsakwatcharapakorn, 48, sells fake CPN drugs and Mr. Pongpong. Sakorn Pakarakorn, 23, Mr. Thiersin

Allegedly by the Taling Chan Provincial Police Sheet 551-554 / 2561, dated November 15, 2018, on charges of "counterfeit drugs and unregistered drugs".

Mr.Pipawin and Miss. Tipasiri can be contacted at HR Pharmacy Co., Ltd. 12/1 Chakkra Road, Taling Chan, Bangkok. Chaiyaphum Province Mr. Basis Arrested on the road at Soi Vichaiyave Hospital. Home | Bangkok Noi, Bangkok

Big Jok announces invasion.

Prior to this arrest on August 17, the Center for Crime in Technology and Information of the National Police Agency (SOS) together with the Food and Drug Administration Ministry of Public Health

Smuggling of smuggling factories Tramadol Or & # 39; Taxis & # 39; (Allegedly yellowish green. With Taxi Color) or Ya Bo Di Krathum Baen Two factories in Samut Sakhon province arrested and charged 5 suspects, along with their colleagues at the center. And many production substrates. Damage exceeded 20 million baht.

Later, it was discovered that Yatramalal. This is very popular among young people. My Investigation Officer has been investigated. There is also a factory. This drug is not available in the United States because it is illegal to produce tramadol. According to the market. It also appeared on the Drama Addict Facebook page that was posted to a teenager who had taken Yaramadol for a long time. I went down to play water, then the muscles died, sank.

I have to eat and then fight.

On October 9, it was announced that there were young people infected with tramadol. Seizure In the Samkhok area of ​​Patumthani, the police investigated the matter and investigated the source of the drug Tramadol. From a public pharmacy. And from sales announcements on social media.

Know that Hk Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a smuggler. He had tracked his behavior for more than 6 months, so he could catch a factory in Samut Sakhon. This has developed into a drug store and office. The value of the drug that can be caught today is more than 20 million, after this a pharmacy will be issued to pharmacists who buy drugs to overdose until questionable.

Dr. Tharee said that the warehouse was considered a large smuggled warehouse. Usually, the production of special control drugs. To report the level of production to the road. Usually, pharmacies sell no more than 20 tablets at a time. There are no more than 1,000 tablets in the store and no children under the age of 17. Drugs that require special control.

Usually, the drug is paid for the patient. To relieve pain But the amount of medicine. But teens are more likely to buy alcoholic beverages. To cause poisoning Some awareness of control is not fatal.

Mr.Popawin has claimed to sell more than 200 types of drugs for more than 50 years. The company has been selling the drug for around 10 years and every month to sell drugs. Total revenue of 6 million, which has sold more than 7 million tablets.

Mr. Papavin raised his hand to apologize, said. The aim is to cancel the registration of drugs with the Food and Drug Administration.

Find 6 more points to take half a million tablets.

In addition, the suit that captured the attack was investigated by a 6-point search warrant, factory, warehouse and related parties in the production and distribution of tramadol in Bangkok and its surrounding areas for search results and factory capture. Chemical Co., Ltd. 95 Moo 4, Klong 13, Jalan Ekonomi, Krathumbaen, Samut Sakhon.

300,000 tablets, 500,000 capsules, green and yellow tablets, 1 tramadol drug, 50 1,250 kg chemical tanks, TINDOL labels, drug form registration number 1A 158/52, TRADOL multiple label, drug registration number missing. Some of these sheets are based on evidence.

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