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5 SBFIVE young people find the last 12 "Superboy Project submitted by GSB" – innnews

The scene is so hot.!!! When the GSB Superboy Project (Superboy Project Presenter by GSB) Opens a Rock Workshop We welcome a beautiful talent full of 100 people to look for the last 12 participants in the race. "Superboy Project Presented by GSB " With a chance to bet search 5 young SBFIVE GEN2 Boy Band, the future of the Asian superstar With a prize worth over 10 million baht organized by Star Hunter Studio Company LimitedStar Hunter Studio Co., LTD.) Together with State Savings Bank The artist of the artist 5 young SBFIVE bass – Suradeh Fivitra, Kim Mont-Varod Kem Monta, Te-Da Wichacon Phonluk, Kopter – Kordchtanghaui, Ti-Tanapol Charuchitranon Wearing the Big Boy role in Lido Connect coaches

O-Yanyakon Hiran or Oh Starhunter Big boss Star Hunter Studio I found this out "That's all about The Superboy Project presented by GSB The Contest for Finding 5 Young People SBFIVE GEN2 Today is a seminar for selecting the 12 finalists from the 100 finalists who are interested in listening to over 4800 people and online who participate in this program. Is a boy band So focus on teamwork, charm and fun. And the willingness to open up to develop. "

country Creweh Fahsey-Pananaifathamrat revealed that "Today I saw that my children. Many people have good singing skills. Although it was a boy group But good singing To dance well is not a team judge. Professional (Professional) and Team Hunter (Hunter) will look at the overall picture that children Every person has the effort, determination and desire to know how to develop, because of their singing skills, dance, confidence. We can grow. "

This work can be said to be the only word that is very disappointing. Oh, the 100 finalists. Although you have to go through a challenging workshop from the team Hunter O-Yanyakon Hiran or Oh Starhunter, Begin Anon Well-known director with keen eyes and a professional team Cool – Witawat Sangsakit Famous teacher, acting Kru Fahsai – Pananyaphatthamrat Singing teacher Teacher Lot – Jirananin Panprasertchok The dance teacher began by learning the techniques of singing and practicing choreography in the song of the artist of SBFIVE Superboy, used as a theme song of the program. We then divided the group into 5 groups, showing singing, dancing skills To select the last 50 people and become more intense When the main artist 5 young SBFIVE Bass-Suradech, Kim Mon-Warodom, Te-Dawit, Copter-Panuwat and Tee-Thanapol Jaruchitranon Which serves Big Boy today as Team Leader for Kids All 50 finalists, 5 of which are boys SBFIVE It's full of racing, use courses with specific techniques to train the most powerful team.

Opening the first show with the Big Boy team basketball With a show full of charm in the sparkling song with the Big Boy team helicopter Never miss a show of rap skills. And dancing to music strong Then to the Big Boy team Kim Swee With a show that focuses on the fun serving the fun and excitement of the song Leaving the whole neighborhood The Big Boy Team Enschede Come in deep with the music every time when The end with Big Boy a target Show step dance and sing in warm style with music What does this mean Which All 50 Kids Show Their Talent Without a Cardigan Hard work therefore falls to the teams of Hunter and Professional to decide.

And 12 of the last to enter the race "Superboy Project Presented by GSB " including

B1 Bank – Thanathip Srithongsuk

B2 Bank – Tharin Mano Prasit

B3 Benz – Kamonwat Kerdpanya

B4 Bonus – Thanadet Dee Si Sook

B5 Choi-chin wishes well

B6 Jet-Jesadakorn Bundit

B7 Junior – Ronnakorn Soonthornnon

B8 Kat – Kat Ploy Supha

B9 Fergie – Pawarit Power

B10 Tung-Weerapong Chan Kham Riang

B11 Graphics – Ratchavit Chan Rung Anan

B12 Phon-Thanaphon Iamkamchai

Fans are gearing up to raise fiery signs to encourage and watch the show. 12 finalists of the GSB Superboy Project (GSB Superboy Project) on Wednesday, August 28
At 1pm at Lan Elevator Kaew, Central World Shopping Center You can follow more details at;; Instagram: @superboyproject; Twitter: @superboyfive; Youtube: Superboy Project #SBFIVESUPERBOY #Starhunterstudio #solisterpr

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