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5 things we know after the Premier League week 26 … by "Mr.Boston"

Once the author asks for leave, stop relaxing in Japan. The Premier League situation after the 26th week has changed since the time before Dan Ditay, which is almost unknown. Although he is more competitive than Liverpool

This situation makes it possible for everything to happen. In the game play in the hands of the Reds and this may be the winner of the championship of this season.

But before this point, we see what we learned from this Premier League game this week?

Manchester City is the most successful team in the league.

(AP Photo / John Super)

6 goals in Manchester City, shooting at Chelsea at Etihad Stadium, became 6 goals, showing superb game, superb performance and the presentation of the old champion who returned to shape. Ready to "attack any team"

Everton's stats and Chelsea's game clearly show that they did not lose their chances against the Toffy, they shot 4 times in a row, 2 goals in the last 9 games. Get 6 goals

Can be called sharp for a razor!

At the end of January, the defeat of Newcastle United's "blue lanes" almost became a major disaster. And it makes many people skeptical about their potential But like fate still in the same week that the "red" missed 3 points and the points that have to be away Still fast

But then, City who received Keyman, like Kevin De Bynne, came in perfect condition. I started the engine and jumped by winning the race with more than 2 goals in 3 games over Arsenal 3-1, over Everton with 2: 0 and over Chelsea 6: 1, which makes it not just 3 points. Just because now their goal difference and Liverpool are 10 goals

And in the league that uses the difference, the goal is decided in case of a tie as the Premier League It's like now They have 2 points in half.

From the end of the score that is sharp This is an obstacle for them Looks better than the next team Although it is more competitive

And the team that has a few chances That's the door Like this … is it easy to lose?

Chelsea, is it time to change?

(AP Photo / John Super)

There is a fine line between the confidence and insistence of Mauriceio Sardis, who insists on stiffness. That he will not change the plan Even if the team is defeated by Manchester City

But would that be good?

"Sary Ball" in the first period is exceptional and effective from Ginhoho's gaming game. Making him choose to pay the ball is not difficult, but the current coach of the Italian coach It is known throughout the league that only Jorinho Chelsea's pressure did nothing.

This makes Sari and Jorinho still quite good. It also played badly. In fact, he had almost no time and opportunity to play at the beginning of the season.

Besides, Sari likes to use the same set of players as the original team plan. To close your eyes, to know the players in the next game, will likely come in the 4-3-3 system, with Keita Ariza Balaka, Markos Alonso, Antonio Ruuder, David Lewis, Cesar Aspiligu, Ecrin Jorinho, En Colon, Ross Barkley, Eden Azar , Pedro Rodriguez, Gonzalo Iguain … Wrong of this.

Lack of soccer fans like us, can you still guess why other coaches can not guess?

It may be time to change and try something new, otherwise it will change. Can be born in the place of the coach No player who can enter the field …

Manchester United with that 4 of the table

(AP Photo / Matt Dunham)

After opening his eyes in the era of Jose Mourinho, Ole Gunar Seoul Sharma spent 9 games in the league, leading the team to win 8 draws 1 without losing a place, ranking 4th in the table, which is a goal of the team . This season was successful.

The 8 goals of Seoul Sharma are even more than Mourinho has done this season before being released from his position. The Portuguese team manager "Red Devils" won only 7 games from the league

Returning to fourth place on this table, they have better taxes than the 5th and 6th teams like Arsenal and Chelsea. This is clearly visible

But the first defeat in the Seoul Sharma era against Paris Saint-Germain in the UEFA Champions League Cup can also have a minor effect. How much

If the next game against Liverpool is a rival, they will not lose or win, so chances are they will finish fourth or better. It is more open than ever.

Arsenal who finds clean sheets is rarely found

(Mike Egerton / PA via AP)

3 matches are the number of matches that Ar Menale has cleared in the Premiership this season. rate They make only about 11.5%.

And losing the target against the "plum team" at the Huddersfield Town Table, although it's a game to visit It's not about that.

Game Problems Game Arsenal This season And I do not get clean sheets at all This leads to confidence in the game against the two defenders. And the goalkeeper like the Leno brand is heavy.

Statistics show that if you lose only 1 goal in each game played, they will have 10 plus points, which means they will now climb to the top 4 of Tottenham Hotspur just behind the goal and after Manchester City crowd just 5 Result

Not only in the Champions League but also in the championship.

This is the home the team has to decide. And the people who have to decide Maybe it should be hot for Stan Kroken, the owner of the team who, if he wants the team to be successful in the long run, next summer may need to have a good defender

But do not you know that Koreenke will disappear from the "ball of love" like Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl?

And if you lose Will you approve the budget for "big rifles" or not?

Salah– Oba – Aguero Who will take the gold shoes?

(AP Photo / John Super)

Sergio Aguero's 11th hat-trick in the match against Chelsea, aside from allowing him to reinforce Alan Shearer's all-time hat-trick and still make him shoot. Most Premiership goals this season is equal to Mohamed Salah at 17 goals.

Semi-long species The species meet again next month Harry Kane made Candy dating at the moment. Only three people, Salah, Aiger and Pierre Emmerich Obame, will have to remain, with the first two people killed 17, another 15, but still can not be called.

In addition to winning goals this year, it's also fun that both Aguero and Salah must lead the team to win the league, and Obama must also be able to go to the UEFA Champions League.

Of course, it is too early to say who will be a top scorer, but the gambling company is legal. Playing a new price adjustment after Agerro shoots a hat-trick of 11 for him to be a substitute for Salah.

The star of the winner will be the person who takes the team to win the championship or the Golden Boot award. Will it be a comforting reward for everyone?


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