Thursday , June 17 2021

A severe flu pandemic! The Samsen School is stepping up preventive action against child health – online managers

  1. A severe flu pandemic! The Samsen School accelerates preventive measures against child health, online managers
  2. Annex 2, a private school ordered to close Just escape the little dust – no one is sick.
  3. "Pyasakon" revealed the closure of the school at the discretion of In some cases not from dust Come from flu, do not mix together
  4. Doctor Yong pointed out the crowd crowd to wear dust masks, but "flu" is still a high epidemic because people do not wear The wearer is not an online manager of the disease.
  5. Doctor Yong warns, do not just wake up with toxic dust. Now there is a flu pandemic Pointing people with the disease without wearing a mask As for people who do not have a resolution
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