Sunday , June 20 2021

After the meeting, the Lottery Division opened the attack on the drama – The Bangkok Insight

"Lottery", organizing drama, organizing formulas, printing lotteries in the form of mixed numbers, only for small merchants Lean is not discrimination But in the experimental phase

Reporters report this From the case where the lottery merchants came to oppose the lottery Include set and print the mixed lottery numbers of the government lottery Discriminates only 57 small traders but disagrees with the representative of the foundation The association has received another 33 million allowances, who can not solve the lottery problem. Actually expensive

Lieutenant Colonel Boonsong Chantarisri, Head of the Government Lottery Clarified at the office Select to make a lottery, set a set and prepare a formula, enter a small retailer number who booked 57 million copies before the Krung Thai bank. There is no discrimination Because now is a trial period 3 months ago from the period March 1 to May 16, which if the feedback is good Reduce lottery problems, set combinations and sell over the price. Including Lottery Realm Makers' Loyalty To Sell At Later, The Lottery Is Ready To Print The Lottery Mixed Numbers Distributed For Merchants, Lotteries, Quotations Like The 33 Million Copies Association, Certainly

– Lottery Not chosen for individual practice But because of lottery set-up and mixed-number printing Is there still a new problem in Thai society so it should be tested 3 months ago, how good is the result? If the answer went well, he was ready to make a lottery, a mixed number, a lottery number, a quota of 33 million for each question, "Paul said.

However, during this lottery office will cooperate with a security department to increase the severity of checking the sales of lotteries over the price and the lottery, including the set if establishing the founding of the association that has received 33 million permanent quotas for sale, including the following kits will be disqualified immediately from the quota

In the case of a government watch lottery prize machine that often causes the ball to not open Or sometimes the hood was opened previously Will be tracked And continued development of the award-winning machine Which confirms that the award procedure that the lottery office currently uses E transparent, can be checked E in accordance with the international certification standard at each step In which each award is awarded There will be qualified members From various agencies as witnesses In addition, tells people to join the award-winning room.

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