Wednesday , August 17 2022

AIS joins Chulalongkorn University's Faculty of Engineering – testing 5G VDO Call in the region for the first time! From Bangkok to Hat Yai, clear at 1,436 Mbps from NEXT G +


AIS joins Chulalongkorn University of Engineering and Prince of Songkla University Continue to test the technology 5G continues for the first time in Thailand at the 5G VDO Call show in the Bangkok to Hat Yai region, with NEXT G + on the 5G network being prepared before it opens to serve Thai users in the future.

Mr. Wasit Wattanayai, Head of AIS Operations and Technical Support, Countrywide He said: "We continue to test 5G technology in various dimensions on an ongoing basis, including use cases that will benefit different industries, including cases that are relevant to consumer lifestyles because 5G is an important opportunity to reverse. Another step forward in the country The test results are particularly useful in preparing for the future development of the network. "

"Lastly, to get a complete perspective on End User Chulalongkorn University of Technology and Songkla Prince University, Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province Tested VDO Use Call for the first time in the Bangkok-South region of Hat Yai, Songkhla High quality Ultra HD audio with 4K high resolution images that can't be rendered on this 4G network Including testing, downloading and uploading data with the AIS network, Next G +, the world's first Caused by combining performance 5G network of the future with maximum speed from AIS SUPER WiFi. The result shows that the download speed is up to 1436. Mbps and uploading up to 478 Mbps deleted the highest statistics that AIS had previously done in June. "

Mr Wasit said at the end of this: "Thank you to the faculty at Chulalongkorn University of Technology and Prince Songkla University, Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province, including NBTC, who supports and collaborates on testing various 5G innovations while expanding Knowledge, that will come together to develop the industry with great potential "

5G Network Test Video and Next G +

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