Thursday , June 17 2021

Arthritis, spinal arthritis, mounted risk of injury.

Ankylosing spondylitis is a type of chronic arthritis that affects the spine. You have pain in the socket Causes of neck stiffness to the lower part of the spine Or the spine is connected These symptoms may be at the beginning of the severe phase. To make a hump or back hard

Dr. Kitti Temchocai, former Thai Rheumatism Association President, Ramatobaddi Hospital, said that Thailand was found to have a hundred of the Thai population Or, at least 660,000 people were adjuvant patients with arthritis but the diagnosis was established with an average of at least 1 year or may last up to 10 years. Medical innovations not yet standard Low disease level Lack of knowledge in arthritis diagnosis Lack of knowledge to read X-ray films for diagnosis Lack of staff for rheumatoid arthritis

Initial diagnosis and treatment will help to control pain. Resistance and reduction or prevention of irregularities that may arise The first sign of the disease is lower back pain. But there are other abnormalities such as back pain among younger people Pain of inactivity Pain for more than 3 months and rheumatoid arthritis and iritis associated with treatment ranging from exercise Physical therapy Use of drugs to relieve Pain And Surgery to Help Better What's This Academic Conference The goal is for patients to understand the symptoms of the disease and to plan treatment to live with understanding and happiness.

Dr. Candong is a medical specialist in rheumatism. Queen Sirikit's National Children's Health Institute said the minimum age of the patient is 6 years, and the patient has difficulty explaining the symptoms and pain. This disease causes weight in life. But there are still many patients who can still study or work Must be compensated to ensure that he has a good future

Mr. Thosaphon Pummala, the patient and chair of the group of inflammatory vertebral arthritis, said arthritis is a chronic disease Many people are affected by this disease. Can follow Facebook, patient groups, Thai club, receive news, share news, opinions Who we are willing to support all patients with this disease

Wirawat Mekaew, Director of Government Relations and Access to Medicine, Johnson & Johnson (Thai) Co., Ltd., said: "Johnson & Johnson (Thai) Ltd. is committed to developing knowledge about this disease. Changing the quality of life For the management to apply And know how to prevent this disease The practical conference on "Cooperation: Ankylosing spondylitis" is a good start in networking and is a collaboration of experts from different parties We are excited that patients, doctors, media and various influential choirs but to share their experience And brainstorm To improve access to better quality of life And improve the quality of life of this patient

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