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At the top of the mountain tribe, boxing Dr. Muay Thai was killed.

<img src = "" alt = "At the top of the hill tribe slain by the battle of Dr. Knoi Muay Thai" data-caption = "Phnom Chan

Top Phanom P. Petch Kaew 3 Raised from the knee, pretending to be bad before injecting 4,000. Allowing the left fist of the tibia, focusing more clearly than surpassing Mao Mook, forty thousand diamonds for the thrill of the Day of the real four boxes. Friday + Dr. Nut Muay Thai SuperFire, Friday, January 26, 2019, on the stage of Lumpini

Dr. Knoi Muay Thai Superfight On the scene of Lumphini Ekkotom Phanom, Petchok Kaew (red), found Moklei, forty thousand diamonds (blue), coordinates 112 pounds. The Referee had to finish the first round of the match, Mawie won once, dropped two Maui, and waited for the knee to be stabbed. The top of Phanom went to the left to swap, sporadically leaked to the second, Mount Kluek had a big 3-2 to raise the third. The top of the hill was closed to the left, but he was hit by a full chin. The top of the mound is to put the knees in the air.

Raise four, inject the top of the 4,000 Phanom out, speed up, walk, left stroke, long, caught in the knee, hand combat So drunk, slowing down, rushing prices right away. Do not stop, fight, hit the big knees, the price to pretend to run, but the top of the elevator, Clay peak, is more dissatisfied to appear, to get right, to turn on the knee. The top of the hill was constantly shifting, playing it, playing it before it danced, both with confidence. The price is at the top of Phanom up to 3: 1. Finish transfer to win the thrill of the Thammasat Fine Arts Director and Pong Phanrattanasunthorn.

Nong Khai Lek, Dr. Nut Muay Thai (Red), get acquainted with porn Siam, Phum Phatthara (Blue) Coordinate 118-119 pounds rating, Nong Khai Division 2-1 Judge, Wisut Ying, First, Nong Khai, better name, much better, can compete with each other, there are still not many weapons, but the future of boxing is better. First, Nong Khai is a small, 5-2. The heavy fists are moving, kicking, kicking, punching, striking, hoping, counting, knocking Porno Siam wakes to his knees to catch the blow but misses the little Nong Khai plus the left hook of the hook in the full chin of the flower. in the middle of the air, the director went to see the symptoms and decided to remove his hand immediately. Nong Khai Lick won the knockout, only the second round.

As for the other pairs, Onnapa Srimongkol defeated Den Na Pho Young Pornthep, Den Phutai, Honor 9 to win Sharks, discipline, discipline, hardware, Sing Pichit Kasa Gym, starting to raise 5 to join the 50 -1, but raised 5 points in the knee. The lacquer to the battle of Noparat, breaking the blood at the other knee until the war broke out. Fully raise Singha Conquest to win the most, 105 Vacant Championships, Thailand Bua Noi, the student, must set 3 to fight, not to be hit by the knee as the second, 50-1 but not discouraged. Boy Jean C Club received a lot to the Deputy Chief of the Field. Finish the price of turbulence, but the director Chu, always the most fun, score 3, 3 young men, excellent art, good dharma for Khun Tawan, winning 49-48, Anan Piamsukon, Bua Khao Noi, 49-48, Boon Pha, always Showing results 48-48, Little Cat Prof. Jit Pattana Ton Ton The knee knees are doing very well for many periods, but at the end of the knee the knee tip is inverted. Outside Chaya slapped the knee, winning a small magical palace

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