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B – Namthip has a movie, cleaning a knot, suspending hi-sohim, is a personal matter. It is not a third party

B. – Namthip Chongratchatwiboon I command Film – Tanapat Tanavilla Interview with another at the event LINE FOR FOLLOW UP 2019 As for the question the girl had just broken with her boyfriend "Hi So Hee", it was taken as a reason for the movie. And clarified the question Puzzle IQ Account Introducing vulgar insults Because she does not like playing with the drama Then girl B reacts that she chose me. Moreover, this reinforces many people to doubt the relationship They both giggle Something more than the drama in the drama?

B - Nectar
B, film, join the event

Do you like status updates with His Majesty?
B. "Stop, give up, get a little for a while, and the reason is two of us." You do not have a third hand Stop together.

Fine tuning?
B. "Of course, before you quit, there must be a fine tuning. But if it is wrong, do not go away, stop.

People related to the movie – Tanapat?
How can the movie come to me?
B. "Not Connected No third hand. "

How does the film feel?
The movie should feel bad If you do not do anything And consider yourself a third party Who should feel bad.

B. Should You Give It The Movie Are You Alone?
B. "No need to comfort this age Can be comforted.

Enough rhythm to work with the movie Have people look at the third hand?
B. "Not Connected This is the story of two of us. Let's not talk about it. B. It seems to be over. I do not want to revive anything else.

B. "I'm sorry, of course."

No Return Second Round, of course?
B. "Of course not."

Still have the opportunity to connect with each other?
B. "Be a good friend."

How many years?
B. "I do not know where to start? So I can not say how many years

Asked where B is to respond to a comment, Aig's fan who came to curse us?
Film "If most of our fans like B. So I think I'm not a fanclub anyway, and the more you see the name of Instagram, it's not familiar And the fans I'll use myself Or I've ever seen through my eyes But what I see is not. "

B. Was he angry because he continued that we were very serious?
B. "Seriously, not angry. Take a look more positive Usually when running the phase program There are about 20,000 people who swear. This is probably stronger. But only this man seems to harass the whole B, looking at him as ridiculous. It did not make our lives worse and that the comments that answered were fun, not a matter where we are serious.

Do you think you will answer for a long time?
B. "Not long ago I saw it. Do you want to know how to get food?

People think our partner is unclear. Do I have something in bamboo groves?
B. "We play regularly. There is nothing now "

Who is this guy?
B. "He probably plays a lot like boss Wasin and wants to have boss Vinsin take possession And who can not be busy He does not say that B is the only person that Ben plays with drama and B including many actors in the camp And he said that he would not curse Fern and the movie, which we are not serious "

Is he a damn comment?
B. – No, then Not blocked. Wait. If sent again, you will send it. "

Then play with the movie should be more careful?
B. "Normal"
Movie "normal"

Can single fans be more cheerful, have a chance?
B. "I will answer that I do not know what to answer To be a question of the future, we do not know that the future can speak, but now it is still nothing.

B. Have you opened the way for us?
Film "Let's be a Future"
B. "B. In general."

Are we open now?
B. "Not open Use a more normal life If it comes, everything is fine. If it does not, it does not work. We did not want that person in life. We need something else than to focus more on our goals. "

Does the movie want to flirt with a B?
Film "If there is an opportunity It's about the future. Make the first action I just bought a house. You would like to work to be complete
B.Seaw "There are people who help to relax in the house." (Laughs) Movie "Will you help?"
B. "What can you do?" (Laughs) is that we are talking like that.

Is this a problem for age?
Film "11 Years"
B. "Age is only numbers People meet. This is more understanding.

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