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Bangkok Dust PM 2.5 adds all the points! Rama 2, Samut Sakhon's biggest crisis, failed to reach 119 micrograms.

Powder PM 2.5

Bangkok Dust PM 2.5 adds all the points! Heavier than yesterday, Rama 2, the most critical crisis of Samut Sakhon, failed to touch 119 micrograms

At 10.00, January 26, the Pollution Control Department (DPO), the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (TNSC) Report a dust situation of no more than 2.5 microns or PM2.5 in the Bangkok area and perimeter. This from the weather conditions that morning time, the Bangkok area and the suburbs Morning Fog The floating air is not very good, the wind blows mildly and without rain, leading to the situation with PM 2.5 in Bangkok and the suburbs today, 26 January, rising from yesterday in all areas.

At the value of the powder 53 -121 micrograms per cubic meter (mg / m3) The standard dusting value is 50 mg / m3 Air quality is at average level to have health effects By pointWhich has a dust-related health concern There is a dust of 121 mg / m3. Frame 2 parallel path Mueang District, Samut Sakon Province

For areas where there is dust above the standard until you begin to influence health, such as Kanchanaphisek Road Bangkok Bangkok, Bangkok, Subang Ban Bang, Bangkok, Bangkok, Subdistrict Klong Chang, Bangkok, Bangkok, Ding Deng Ding, Bangkok, Rama 4, Patuman, Bangkok, Intarafeit, Thon Buri, Bangkok,

Ladprao Road Vang Tonglang District, Bangkok, Ding Daeng, Ding Daeng, Bangkok, Fay Thai District, Faia Thailand Region, Bangkok, Flagfla, Van Tongling District, Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom Area, Muang Nahoh Pathom Area, Nakhon Pathom Area, Kruai, Bang Kruai District, Notaburi District, Bang Kruai Sub-Area, Non-Burian District, Bangkok Suburban Area, Nonwaburi District, Sungkang, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan, Samut Prakan, Samut Prakan, Samut Prakan Bang Bang Thong, Bang Bang Thong District, Samut Prakan Province, Om Noi District, Krathum Baen Som Trust Sakhon District,

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On the side of the parallel road Rama 2, Muang district, a powdery matter of no more than 10 microns (PM10), found values ​​between 79 – 149 mg / m3, exceeding the standard in the area Exceeds standards in the Kanchanaphisek Road region Bang Khun Tian District, BangkokSub-region Sun Khuong, Pra Praangen area, Samut Prakan, Bang Sai Tong district, Bang São Tong district, Samu Prakan province, Om Noi suburb, Kathu Bản district, Samut Sakhon, Rama 2 parallel roads, Mueang district

SEN wants people to help reduce dust. By banning black smoke cars All kinds of open burning are strictly prohibited. Including a request for cooperation to reduce the use of passenger cars

Inviting people to follow closely the situation and information from the government Do not panic People can live normally. For risk groups including children, the elderly, pregnant women A person with congenital illness Always observe the symptoms. If it is unusual, go to the doctor. By timely tracking air quality data through the website And applications air4thai

The reporters report this aside from the parallel road Rama 2, about 22 kilometers. In sub-region Hok Krabue, Muang Samut Sakhon area Is this the area that builds on the surface? The weather is full of fog, dust. White Cloud It is covered throughout the area while the dust source of FP 2.5, which this morning on Parallel 2 Rays is up to 119 micrograms per cubic meter.

Except for smoke and dust from road construction, smoke, cars and smoke, industrial installations that are smuggled at night. When combined with time in the Samut Sakhon area 2 days ago, it's pretty cool in the morning. It therefore causes a constant rise in dust

The Facebook page FM91 Trafficpro Dust images covered in Bangkok area were published While he could not see the front building and said "06.47 Arunsavad, Bangkok"

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