Sunday , July 25 2021

Bat Fire Acknowledged coaches VAR helps to clear everything – innnews

The regional manager of Phongkunat Siri, Sukhothai FC's team who wants to use VAR technology to use every game in the Thai Football League next season will make every event clear. And the referee is not the victim of the ball

The association has a policy to use VAR technology to be used in every Toyota Thai League 2019 football season every week that is considered the first nation in the ASEAN region. To help judges make decisions about different events

In the field of Pongkunat Siri, the manager of the Bat Fire team said: "I think the question of creating a VAR is used in every game for the next season, it is considered a good thing, everything is clear, there are no problems later. until the end and everything was over, and the referee was not the victim of the ball, the association wants to do everything.

"If you ask about the costs that apply to VAR, this is normal, but the association needs to clarify it or find a way to reduce it, and it should also be clear that the money spent is taken from the sponsorship deduction or not. want the association Explain clearly: The association must do everything, accept all the details before explaining to each club. "

For VAR, it is used to assess the situation in 4 situations, including
1. Door / Do not Door (Skip the line slowly, there is a foul before, offside, the ball in front of the goal)
2. Penalty / Penalty (Foul Position, Offense, First Foul, Field Ball Before Goal, Goalkeeper or Goalkeeper) Wrong Fail While Kicking Penalty
3. Direct red card (intention to protect the door against accidental disturbances, serious violations such as spitting, tens of thousands, and use of polite words)
4. Identify the wrong player (When the Referee expects to punish or reject the wrong player)

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