Monday , June 21 2021

Beat the wheel, remove the air force, bring the soldiers back from the trip.

Emergency wheel

The air troops left the trip. They broke into the field, then down the tree Destroyed, wheels collapsed, two bodies were dead I do not know where to drive.

Wheel crash On January 26, Police Lieutenant Shatri Chaipat, Hua Wah, Muang Chai Police Department Received Accident Report Died On Highway No. 1, Phaholyothin Road, in the main 267 km downstream of Moo 5, Tiger Ho sub-district of Muang Chai Nat After receiving a notification So I went to check

Instead of the Isuzu pickup, he ran into a motorcycle. Then it crashed on the side of the road and crashed into the tree Until the condition was not destroyed The front wheel remained out of the car. Fine glass As far as the motorcycle is concerned, the sides are badly damaged.

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One man died in the roadside. You know the name of Mr Kittichai Kerdkam, 35 years old In the subregion region of Tigger Ho there are women and injured Ms. Suchada Choo, another 35 years old, was sitting at the back of Mr Kittichai's motorcycle. Rescue staff were delivered to Chainat Hospital. And he died later

From the investigation Sergeant Nafphon Suvimoltham, the military officer of the 4th Airborne Division, Tahli District, Nakhon Savan province. Before the trip to the center of Nakhon Savan By about 2:30 pm, So we go back Suddenly came to the stage I heard a loud voice

Then his car ran into the tree on the side of the road. But during this incident, he admitted that he could not remember anything at all. He did not know he had collided with the party motorcycle until he died. Which police officers will lead a sergeant Air Force I went to check the Drink alcoholic content while driving? Proceed to court proceedings

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