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Beirut crashes 4-0, and Asian Champions Club futsal – Inns


The 2019 Asian Futsal Asian Football Competition at the Bangkok Arena on 12 August 2019 at 12.00 is the last Group C game between the Lebanon Beirut Bank. Meet Wosos FC from Indonesia. Both teams have 6 points each, the same finalists, of course. Therefore, this game is a measure of the group championship.

The first half opened a lot, the Bank of Beirut immediately attacked, with Wajos focusing on defense. 19. Supawut, the middle of the Beirut bank, lends itself to the possibility of breaking through the outside of the box. But it was rejected by Mohamed Nuyurud, the goal of Wamos, who finished the first half with a draw 0-0

The second half of the match from Lebanon came to a difficult point and 26th team captain Ali called Supavut to play in the middle of the draw 1-0.

Bank of Beirut continued to 27. Ahmed Dini dropped to the left before the ball with a chip. Mohammed Nuyarud scored 2-0.

Not a 31st, 3rd result came and was a shot. At the door of Steve Kukesian leading 3-0

At the end of the game 39 Watsos played Power Play, dropped the ball to Steve Cuyesian, managed to shoot from their own goal to finish the game at Bank of Beirut, winning 4-0, collecting 9 points. 1 In a group until Voshana came in 2nd

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