Friday , June 18 2021

BNK48 Concert Most spectacular before winning election results Daily News

Appropriate for the event "Concert of the BNK48 Space Mission" Or the show before announcing Senbatsu's election results to the famous group of girls in Thailand "BNK48" From girls like first and second generation, number 51 full as both sing and dance long Create a space ship With songs like BNK Festival, Shonichi, on the first day Artakatta wanted to meet her, 365 days with a paper plane, River , Kimi wa Melody, melody, BNK48 and others. At the end of the concert, we celebrated Salon surprise – Sprint Hughes. Myth Prasong, second generation member Who has a birthday Together with finishing with hit songs like luck This makes the band very well known "Daily News Online" So let's bring together a warm and warm atmosphere.

Then "Concert of the BNK48 Space Mission" The end will be announced result. "BNK48 6th General Senbatsu General Elections" It is an election event That provides opportunities for Ota Voted to choose an idol in the heart as a center Which will be announced in the evening of January 26th, which is the first idol election in Thailand.

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