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Body Makeup The Last Bride After booking, he dies of dengue fever.

Pre-Wedding Volunteer Make a Funeral Free Send the Bride to the Sky After booking, use the service But dengue fever died before the wedding day Father revealed that he would not die of dengue fever.

On July 18, 2019, Amarin TV announced that progress following the online world has shared a post on 51-year-old Facebook by Amporn Ratthong, in the name of gold jewelery, make-up and photography. As in Nakhon Si Tamarath By makeup for Mrs. Piyada Rattanabussayaporn or Rain who have died before getting married

Ms. Amphon said Mrs. Piyda had contacted the makeup queue and had made the wedding on July 16, both weddings on December 5 and July 16. What is the date for a pre-wedding appointment That the bridegroom can call. Come to postpone the meeting By saying that the bride is sick Probably dengue, so please postpone He said he was fine. To recover Can say By the end of July 17 the bridegroom called. She said the bride is dead Would you like to come make body because he intends and likes his work with makeup

Later, Ms. Amphone said that he and his son had decided to drive nearly 200 kilometers to make the bride die from a dengue fever. By wearing the bride's dress But relatives do not want to wear the bride's dress Because it is believed that only the bride No groom is not a bad trick. The incident was very bad that his family had to meet with such an event. That is why returning the deposit does not take a bait

As for Mr. Somsuk Rattanabussayaporn, at 57, the deceased father said he thought his daughter was sick. Do not think it will be severe soon after that the hospital called. She said the daughter had a shock So she was fast traveling to see the kids at the hospital When she arrived she found that the doctor had pumped his heart. Then the doctor called in the room. When you see the condition of your daughter, you feel shocked The doctor said he tried to persuade him to live about an hour and a half to come see his daughter. Which he had met only a few moments from the face of his daughter The daughter died She admitted it was too sudden So I feel very sorry


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