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Breast milk is the best! Offering a 10-step ladder, breastfeeding from the mother's breast


Offering 10 steps, breastfeeding in infant sick children The Institute of Child Health reiterates that breastfeeding is the first drop-in vaccine. Help protect children from infection. And various diseases

How old? How will the world change? Or technology will transcend the world But breastfeeding is always important, never changes over time Both to the body and mind of the baby Dr. Pasakornchai Vanichriri, MD The Deputy Director-General of the Department of Medical Affairs reiterated that breastmilk is a medicine that prevents many diseases. Affects brain development Decrease infection in sick children Decrease death rate from diarrhea Decrease the likelihood of infection in the lower respiratory tract and reduce the severity of symptoms of bronchiolitis caused by RSV

However, babies and newborns This must be hospitalized Have a chance to be separated Or have been ordered to abstain from breastfeeding for various reasons Causes a lack of ability to breastfeed ways to help mothers become involved in parenting And keeping children together with nursing staff with milk When a baby or sick child, the mother should adjust and study with the child since the baby was admitted to the hospital until is strong.

And the mother must be ready when she will take care of the child at home herself. The moment that the mother is with the child in the hospital is a very valuable moment. You need to be able to stay with the children easily AND organize activities to be able to touch the child closely

Dr. Adisai Bhatata, M.Sc. The director of the National Institute of Child Health, Queen Sirikit, said the institution is aware of the importance of breastfeeding for both sick and normal children. To encourage the infant to breastfeed continuously Allow the mother to stay with the infant 24 hours a day. Practice standby before you go home. Breastfeeding Tips

The Institute recommends 10 breastfeeding steps for sick children as follows.

Step 1 stairs Breastfeeding Information for Sick Children Provide Breastfeeding Information to Parents And Baby's Family From Pregnancy How Useful Is Breastfeeding? And is very necessary for infants and sick children Highlighting the value of breast milk In terms of boosting immunity For infants with low birth weight and sick babies

Step 2 Stimulating milk secretion quickly and continuously The mother should drain milk every 2-3 hours for 8 times a day to fully stimulate milk production.

Step 3 stairs Storage of milk

Step 4 stairs Oral breastmilk Administration of breastmilk every 3 hours

Step 5 stairs Let the mother embrace the flesh, attach the flesh Strengthen the mother's love and bond Stimulate milk production Stimulate milk to come faster Make your baby get faster with breast milk Breastfeed faster Build confidence in caring for children breast milk

Step 6 stairs Breastfeeding Preparing to suckle milk from the breast By draining the milk for 15 minutes before letting the baby suckle directly from the breast Begin breastfeeding workouts

Step 7 stairs Transition to breastfeeding You must allow your baby to learn about breastfeeding

Step 8 Measuring the amount of milk your baby receives Will it help to confirm that your baby is getting enough milk?

Step 9 stairs Preparedness And Build Your Confidence Before You Return Home Learned With Real Events That Will Happen Help Build Your Mother's Confidence To Come Back To Care For Kids At Home

Step 10 stairs There is a system for monitoring the mother after the sale outside the hospital. Follow after you bring your child home. To support and help continue breastfeeding

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