Thursday , October 21 2021

Canon holds the 4th Best Product Award, 2018-2019 EISA Awards


canon Global leader in digital imaging and imaging technologies PRESIDENT AWARDS FOR ALL CAMERAS The products have won the EISA 2018-2019 EISA Awards from the European Image and Sound Association (EISA). The EOS M50 mirror camera won the Best Buy Camera Award. The EOS 6D Mark II DSLR has won the best DSLR award. EF 85mm f / 1.4L IS USM lenses have won the biggest prize for the DSLR camera. Speed ​​and speed 470EX-AI Speedlite for excellent photography

1. Best Built-in Camera 2018-2019: Canon EOS M50

This lightweight, lightweight, lightweight mirror is a must. It comes with a 24.1 megapixel APS-C sensor and a DIGIC 8 image processing chip for high-quality images and 4K video recording. The touch screen rotates easily from different angles. Whether it's a high angle, a low angle and a camera, the user can easily touch the focus on the screen. The newly enhanced two-color CMOS AF enables fast and accurate focusing of up to 88% of the image space. It also comes with a professional 3.5mm microphone jack that supports Wi-Fi connectivity and built-in Bluetooth connectivity. The camera also allows users to transfer still images and movies to the communication device. mobile And share fast in social media.

2. DSLR Camera 2018-2019: Canon EOS 6D Mark II

The EOS 6D Mark II is a compact but powerful DSLR camera for photographers. The 26.2 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor coincides with the DIGIC 7 processor chip to ensure excellent image quality even under low light conditions. This camera has a fast and reliable 45-point autofocus system. High performance two-color CMOS autofocus for use with Live View and video capture and Canon's first full-frame camera with a rotating touchscreen. It's easy to organize the composition and use the menu.

3. DSLR Prime Lens 2018-2019: Canon EF 85mm f / 1.4L IS USM

This lens has very good image stabilization and aperture. This allows the photographer to keep the camera in low light without flickering and is designed for professional photography. The lens protects the lens from dust and dirt. Fast and accurate autofocus system. Close-up images. The background can be beautiful. This is the perfect lens for High Definition DSLR and High Definition DSLR.

4. Photo Innovation 2018-2019: Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI

This flash uses Auto Intelligent Bounce (AI Bounce) to make photographers much easier. The optical angle of view is automatically calculated by the flash. Unleashing a set of light to see how the light reflects on the ceiling or the walls. The height of the ceiling and the distance of the lightning to the model were examined. Then turn the flash to the position automatically. This feature allows both beginners and advanced users to enjoy the soft, natural light of the flash. This is a particularly popular effect, especially in portraits.

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