Monday , June 14 2021

Check the quality "Condoms" were found 98% by standards. Trouser pocket Danger of leakage

The Ministry of Science has been examining the quality of condoms for 2 years, including more than 234 samples found 98% through the standard. Suggest to buy condoms with the FDA medical device license number. Store in a cool, dry place, not to be exposed to sunlight, not to be stored in the car compartment. Banknote Bag Rear Pocket Can be crushed and torn

Today (February 13th), Dr. Opas Carvivopp, Director-General of the Department of Medical Sciences, revealed that, according to the Epidemiology Bureau, it was found that despite the general HIV infection situation in Thailand in 2017, the overall decline but classified by age groups is that the number of sexually transmitted diseases, both HIV and syphilis and gonorrhea, increases among adolescents aged 15-24 years. Because in addition to problems with unprotected sex You still have problems with the use of non-standard condoms Including misuse which causes the risk of infection from sexual contact and unwanted pregnancy, therefore the Bureau of Radiation and Medical Devices, the Ministry of Science, therefore, together with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Random sampling of condoms in pharmacies Dealers and hospitals in 2016-2018, including 234 samples taken for quality testing, found that 98% were previous standard TIS 625-2559

– Condoms are classified as medical equipment. According to the Ministry of Health, BE 2556, the standards and requirements specified in TIS 625-2559 or ISO 4074: 2015 are required. However, condoms must have a manufacturing or import license. And there must be quality checks for all models before they are put on the market And if it is a condom with a new production process There must be a quality test by the laboratory of the medical science department. If a condom is found to be non-standard, manufacturers and importers will not be able to sell, "said Dr. Opas.

Dr. Opas said people should buy condoms with a medical device license number. Whoever is FDA certified should not buy condoms for a long time And you must keep the expiry date before buying Condoms should be stored in a cool, dry place without exposure to sunlight or fluorescent lighting. Do not store condoms in the car compartment that is high during the day. Banknote Bag Or Rear Pocket Because the compression will cause leakage or tearing of the condom. In addition, lubricants that dissolve in water or silicone oil such as K-Y jelly, Q-C jelly, Dura gel or glycerin should be used. Do not use lubricants containing vegetable oil or mineral oils such as baby oil, skin oils, petroleum jelly, cooking oil. Other types of oil Because condom will get worse and will break easily Can not prevent sexually transmitted diseases or contraception

"In addition, the Ministry of Medical Sciences also has a Condominium Museum, which displays condoms, brands and various kinds of both domestic and imported which have been submitted for quality check up for 30 years." Ministry of Public Health, Tiwanon Road , Mueang District, Nonthaburi province 11000 Tel .: 0 2951 0000 Ext.

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