Monday , June 21 2021

Checking the animals in Khon Kaen B. Claiming a rabies treatment, killing 21 dogs, some without disease !!

Now in the online community, sharing information on the page WATCHDOG TAILAND There are 21 cases of boredom of dead dogs claiming to be infected with rabies After the page has received a complaint from a girl's villagers of Ban Rattan, Mu 2, Subtracal No Tong, Wainjiang District, Hanoi Province, which happened on November 26 2018. Her dog, called "Chao", was poisoned before his eyes, saying that

When I am a State Solve the problem of rabies control from "I was bored with dogs." Almost all villages.
Quote! Only dogs that can not catch And the dog has the owner who has allowed the owner to die!

The question is due to the people of the Waengyai district owner, Khon Kaen province. To say the tears
Ready to report WATCHDOG TAILAND or. T WDT begs for justice Because of the fear of not progressing

– Honestly, I'm afraid. But I have to fight for justice Even though it was not an animal
But he was hurt Who never saw him like me, he does not know … He'll just say the words …

But I … no … He has life …

When the dog will die Trying to help me but I could not help him … He had a heart … to stop me …

"The reason is Baan Rattana, Moo 2, Non Thong sub-region, Waengyai district, Khon Kaen province
November 26, 2018 at 8:30 pm My dog ​​was bored in my store.
In the eyes of the country's leaders and leaders

His name is "Te" (the old name the old owner has been vaccinated with white), about 3 years old, as a white dog.

He claims that rats are at risk of rabies due to the previous two weeks In the village there are dogs of infected people who chase the dogs in the village without knowing who many are, the village has been declared a rabies epidemic and claims to have ordered get rid of stray dogs infected with dogs. Not vaccinated And dogs in risk groups, which the owner allows to remove from the area!

The village ruler claims! Medicaments received and orders for disposal from the livestock sector
With the approval of livestock volunteers to eliminate the dogs by choosing to remove only those who are not injected Without the owner Or the owner allows Or risk groups that are bitten and can not be injected But the informant's dog is the 21st person, that it is confirmed that the vaccine is taken over by the owner
And the owner is not allowed!

– I decided to fight From the dog's vision to fight for help in pain
But he can not speak This idea told me this Do not be afraid of anything!

"When a dog dies … he claims to be in a risky group I asked to cut off the head of the inspection
Center for Northeastern Veterinary Research and Development, "The result is negative, which means that the normal person is not infected with rabies.
After Publishing the Story of Livestock in Hanoi Province Accelerating Deliveries to Provincial Livestock Officials
In the verification area Prepare urgent surveillance reports within 24 hours.
After recognizing questions from WDT and DLD 4.0 applications

The incident happened in November. But the informant informed him on 10 December 2018
Pol.Lt. Col. Supaporn Phoswiset (Investigation), Waengyai Police Department, Khon Kaen is the owner of the case.
Check and see if there is a malfunction according to the notification. There is cruelty to the animals and property (a criminal) along with informing Choha.
So he sent the question to RTT on January 1, 62, with a total of 5 suspects, but they have not yet included a verification of the Waengyai Waengyai Waffyai Waffy Employee's Obligations, through WDT. Provincial Cattle Management Khon Kaen examines and presents the issue and the list of civil servants suspected of being an issuer or Together to issue a crime order to the owner of the case to hand over the case to PTT

Which means … in addition to the brutality of animal cruelty
I of every country and each department that participates must be convicted under Art. 157 as an improper official!

Tracking Survey Results Like Discipline of Civil Servant Crime as a Civil Servant
And crimes under the law of the land! WDT will report progress further.

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