Monday , July 26 2021

Completed mid this year! Road to the Royal Project, Wat Chan, Chiang Mai, 7.5 km

Department of Rural Roads Construction of Highway No. 1265 – Ban San Muang, Kalyani Vadhana District, Chiang Mai, 7.5 km. (Wat Chan Royal Development Center) Finished in mid-2019, improving the quality of life of the hill tribes.

Mr Pisak Jitwiriyawasin The Director General of the Department of Rural Roads (NBTC) has revealed that the Department is currently under construction. Highway Intersection No. 1265 – Ban San Muang, Ban Chan District Kaliwanatana Chiang Mai District, a Wat Chan Royal Project Development Center with a construction budget of 93.6 million baht, is a mandatory statement from 2017 to 2019. , which has a starting point from km 0 + 000 to km 7 + 500, wide ferro-concrete road surface 5-6 meters without shoulder

At present, the project has grown by more than 78%, with construction currently under construction, traffic structure and surface work. The structure of pilots and bridges are working The bilateral reinforced concrete drainage rails are expected to be completed in mid-2019.

The road will be the road that makes traveling more comfortable. Since most royal projects are located in remote areas Transport is difficult. Steep mountain terrain The longer the rainy season, some routes can not be used. The Ministry of Finance is planning to support the renewal of roads in the Royal project area from 2008 onwards.

By setting "Royal Mountain Road Standard" for use as guidelines and guidelines for improving operations Roads Repair in the Royal Project area To tackle the steep mountainous terrain to support the mission of the Royal Project Improving the quality of life of the Thai tribes and relieve suffering for people.

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