Thursday , June 24 2021

"CPNlead Version 3" Unlocks Young SMEs

Central Pattana Public Company Limited or CPN, a leader in the development and management of leading shopping centers in Thailand, including Central World, Central Plaza, Central Festival and Central Phuket. Know-how and real market opportunities Help expand your business and create success for SMEs in specific ways. After successful production of two successive SMEs, 80 brands that are courses that businessmen, 100% trainees, would like to recommend to colleagues entrepreneurs to study. Because this is the only course that focuses on it "Real Study, Real Sales, Real Growth" From the success of both models, 50% of learners can grow and expand their CPN branches immediately.

CPN moves hand in hand with Thammasat University. Curriculum development "CPNlead, Model 3" To support the development of Thai entrepreneurs, whether large or small, to become strong and sustainable Enhancing International Competitiveness Admitting applications today – March 15, 2019, can learn more and apply for a project at

Khuun Prevents Ekkunkul The CPN President and Chief Executive Officer said, "Today's business challenges to retail Whether it's a small, medium or big brand, of course, everyone has to adapt to stay in the flow and the business to survive. Which is a big problem from what we are looking at, how to respond to consumer needs We now have to look at the depth of the segment, which is the way we have to read the behavior and way of life of modern people. CPN as a developer and mall manager We have both experience and a strong and comprehensive distribution channel. "Omnichannel", which we have tried to adapt, not to stop

About the course "CPNlead" CPN has partnered with Thammasat and is constantly developing for the third year, we have a vision that needs to be done more than a common business training course. But the creation of Partnership between major retailers such as CPN and new generation entrepreneurs Promote competitiveness in the era of interruption and globalization (Globalization)

CPNlead Is a new business course that comes with a successful model that can not be found by any course With the focus being "Learn from the best": learn with the real business Lead by the Central Team and CPN Team Leader with the Program Director , Prof. Pitti Permocum from CONC Thammasat, covering all aspects of the business, ready to be customized to match the trainee's business. With a vision of visiting lecturers and experts from different companies The Open House Special Event, which will allow students to study in depth and behind the scenes to make successful business with famous brands like Angsana Phuangmathit, Greyhound Marketing and Business Development Director Café, Khun Anon Wongmaruk, Wongnai's Chief of Staff, and Khun Rawee Phuphonphong, Senior Vice President of The 1 Card, and another accent is "Success through Doing": A special seminar that allows you to experiment, create a brand and sell real retail excellent location Odell, which allows students to think outside the box, literally. This is a seminar that senior SMEs have told the young generation that they should not miss

Prof. Pitti Peermecum Professor of Marketing at the Faculty of Business and Accounting, Tamassat University, CPNlead Program Director, said: "The problem with most young entrepreneurs is that they have a passion for seeing ideas. Then go to business Not quite planned, but this CPNlead course will teach you how to think about what is the key success to be known or what failure is to be aware of and which is different from the overall course is to make a workshop in the form of a pop-up store. Students will have to cooperate with friends, help each other to create new products, or some people to find new business partners, to do co-marketing or co-branding that everyone really does. In real space and in the real market, not the lab, is like fast training So you can see that after completing the course in many cases, students can open a new store or immediately expand their business. "

& # 39; Khun Peach & # 39; Kan Pitchakiatkajornrit From the brand DIVANA, the famous café with its own identity inspired by the flowers of the spa and the backyard. As a second-generation CPNlead winner, he said, "Before that, we never focused on the business model." When I came to study CPNlead, in addition to studying class theory, we also took part in the Pop-up Market seminar is a special model that is difficult to find in other companies, an opportunity to experiment with ideas and to get out of the Comfort Zone.We have learned to find the core business value we developed by doing a spa like Divana Signature Café. to be lifted ever since the creation of Mar Signature to make Landmark Café, which is a concept for building links to locations that are in. Call this course to help us figure out our sustainable business. "

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