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Daily horoscopes on 18 May 2019

solar news May 18, 2019, 2019 Monday Apocalypse Bengals Fall on Saturday, 15 nights, 6 months, Kun Ekasak, Chulakrach 1381 Rising Sun 05.50 hours. Real noon At 12.14. sunsets 18.38 hours.Monday falls Time 06.02 hours.

today At 00.00-02.18, Dao Chan Saue Swatakkrak, the favorable occasion for the 15th, consists of the goddess of the good weather, which means Mrs. Faia Who came to defeat Saturday – General Director during 00.00-03.19 – Do not carry out favorable time 03.20-24.00. Beneficial direction – north Unfortunate direction – south Daily color – black Favorable color – blue sky, bad color – fresh green Zodiac in Sri Siti – Aries Zodiac in Kali Satit-Taurus

Born today boy Kids who grow hard, often from habitats, become rich in property. Good financial status, cunning, intelligence, concern, legibility, clarity, without worshiping anyone who can talk and feel happy girl He is a reasonably reasonable man, must be self-confident You have a strong mind, a courage to think, I dare to do, I love to learn, to study well, You have a strong mind, a moral, a sincerity, a high responsibility, a good education, back and collecting

Sunday Can solve immediate problems You will have to travel abroad You have the opportunity to study new academic subjects Join the charity to meet with many people You will get a property in the house With riches like old Have visited old friends There are new initiatives

Born on Monday The opposite sex provides support for help. Problems and obstacles need to be resolved. There are brothers and sisters for support and help. Will study strange subjects, adult relatives for happiness You have more costs You will get news for long distances The trip should check the condition of the car well. There are also foreigners who come to join the association.

Born on Tuesday It will be updated for change Residential housing for the better, with small problems, can solve problems and overcome the obstacles. The work has become popular among people. You have a lot of income, but there are a lot of expenses Loss of money because of the opposite sex unnecessarily Life will change better.

Born on Wednesday Friends will give you happiness. Work needs to be improved. Work must be patient, diligent, diligent, thorough. Luck for luck People from the distant journey You will receive gifts, gifts, every business that is done will be fulfilled The enemies will lose themselves. They will receive training at a higher level

Born on Thursday You will get a satisfactory return Friends support the job. They can rely on each other People like to have the opportunity to share valuable things together. Beware of children, the family will be sick. Items and assets that are lost or not found will be returned. You're lucky in the food You've heard good doctrines

Born on Friday Love should reduce the symptoms of tingling. Some complaints will make the situation better, get old things, talents of talismans, happiness, antiques. Close friends help and care for each other With riches as old Refurbished, decorated and decorated homes Relatives will be sick Get friends long-distance

Born on Saturday There will always be chaos in love. Rumors of love are scarce, and mistrust is eliminated. You're lucky in the food, you have new jobs, financially good I've been studying strange themes, things that have been done, but before we get into a story, bad things get good.

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