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Disney Princess has the voice of the original Thai. Go back to "Hand" – this is Ralph 2


After releasing a trailer for Princess Disney, 14-year-old Disney appears for the first time in Disney's animated film. "Ralph goes online: villain Hearts 2 or Disney's Ralph Breaks Internet: Wreck-it Ralph 2 is the time to start the English version, surprised by combining the original cast, each hero in the team. we have not lost many stars and stars, we have many stars to debut, but who will be what has gathered for them.

Birds – The sounds of a picnic of the voices of Pocahontas

Nobody knows the name of the bird, and the actor is capable of dramas, television shows, theater and film, and in 1995, when Disney tells the story of Poachonas. Young Indians Paw you review. I love the English as Captain Smith (the voice of the Thai by Santa Souk From Syri) while it's a love story on the skin, and the conflict is an obstacle to love for both.

The bird spoke of the feelings that had returned to the sound of Poohhonta. "We never thought we'd have the chance to talk to Poohhonta again. More than twenty years have passed since we made a voice. Original in Thai. Think this is a very rare opportunity. Our feeling is like watching a movie with the first order stars, gathered together to 14 people, is something very unexpected. Disney will be able to capture princesses together. Even we are excited and look forward to it. This is like a profit for viewers. Of Disney fans, that's right. This makes the fantasy world of fans come true.

Kruebi – Sukanya Yannapat gives the voice of Snow White and Jasmine.

KPN Awards for Princess Jasmine in Aladdin, the most animated version of 1992, with adaptations of Isabella's history and Aladdin's story (The young thief who falls in love with the sultan's noble princess, with three blessings of Ginny from the magical a lamp that has acquired Snow Howth once left voice in the video with another head.

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Chi-Chan Giranpantappong Voice actors, Ariel Aurora and Merida.

Believe that the children was the familiar voice of Jira Chan Girantptappong yesterday, because he called the Princess Hero, as the Ariel Mermaid Little Mermaid series, and the video version. Including Aurora of Sleeping Beauty or Sleeping Beauty. She gave voice and voice to the video version. Pixar's new princess in BRAVE in 2012.

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Diana – Imagine the sound of Mullen.

Diana: Imagine that the actor and the host are very talented, called Mulan's character in 1998, can convey the character of the most dear daughter through bravery. The tone is perfect.

Diana – Imagine that you told her the first feeling she was going back to Mullen. – When Disney came in contact. The first thing we do is check your voice before. Because we called it. Mullen was almost twenty years old. We only have 15-16 years. We're afraid our voice will change. Will we grow up from this moment? At the same time, we were very happy to get back to Disney. This is a very important opportunity. I'm sure the movie is very funny. This is the first time that "Princess Disney" is completely different in character, including special powers. Think how fun it will be. "

Cher –

Cheramun – Collins Sookawat, a former "5-year-old" contestant, has the chance to fight a long-haired princess caught in the Rapunzel tower in 2010. This is a chance for her to show her talents. Voice and singing.

Chi-van Yin Pia, the voice of Erza and Tiana

There is no need to introduce anything else to the cup. With a variety of possibilities. And she started the Disney princess route. Princess Tiana's Princess The Princess's First Princess Princess and Frog Fantastic Love Frog Prince in 2009 before fireworks with Erza in the frozen adventure, the curse of the Snow Queen. In 2013, the song "Let It Go" is singing.

Qi-van Ian Piya, the voice of Ella and Tiana's voice, expresses the feeling of seeing the Disney Princess's first gathering – The cheeks are like Disney princesses. I must say. The first thing you have to hear is that there will be crows of Disney princesses, all cheeks excited and very happy. It is incredible to include all the characters in the same movie. We also win it out. I have a very special one. With the princess's clothes we saw them wearing casual clothing for the first time. I do not miss it.

One, Sopa's daughter, says Anna.

When we talk about Frozen, she will miss the heroine of GTH as a daughter, Sofia, calling her sister Ella's sister along Norwich's cheek. And it's no less than a hit song. The first time in wait for the first time in Thailand.

On Na – One daughter, Sophan, who gives Anna a voice, said: "Our ambition is to work with the voice of Princess Disney, because it is a Disney Princess fan club, and I like kids when we see every manga princess. to sing I want to make a voice like him I will be this princess We were very pleased with this opportunity To work with the voice Every Disney Princess We feel we meet with celebrities My favorite singer I went to tell them. all your songs Even the script I remember What do you say about it It's like getting in NEM again the children. I met the owner of the voice of the princess who really are familiar. We are very happy. "

Mind – Criticulus Hirun Preeda gives a sound of ash.

Kiss Me Five and the four actresses Kridiya were thrown as Cinderella starring Lily James in Cinderella. The director's films include Kenneth Branag Year 2558

Myra – Manefesor Molyan

My name is Madame Butterfly and I was born in Moana, South Africa. It's a great opportunity to hear her again.

Nate – Kanda Vitayanouk Make the sound of the bell

For the network, Kanda, Faulo's sweet voice, was thrown into Bell's voice, which Emma Thompson played in Beauty and the Beast. Last 2560

Disney made a special film about the duplication of the title song of the movie is fun to see how we are going.

Prepare to leave the video game shop. Get ready to head to the huge Internet world. And this is perhaps the only time to see all Disney princesses appear on the screen in the movie. The way nobody has ever seen. With a special show of each princess to make the fans. Ralph goes online: Disney "Ralph Breaks the Internet (Wreck Ralph 2) on November 29 in theaters and 4DX.

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