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Do you recommend the use of herbal products with the understanding of letting, but be careful?

Do you recommend the use of herbal products with the understanding of letting, but be careful?

On February 11, Dr Thares Katsananawiwin, the Secretary-General of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), revealed that there are currently many consumers who are turning to the use of herbal products to treat illness or health care. Which should be used with proper understanding, such as in the case of "rent" or other names such as Tong, Xia, grass, cold worm, hot worm, grass This is a kind of Chinese medicine that consists of Cordyceps sinensis, which grow from the part of the larvae of the butterflies of the genus Hepialus armoricanus, which are in the soil. Most often used as a tonic or drug with other herbs in the group of tonic formulas, there are important substances for nourishing the lungs. (Respiratory system) of important mushroom substances And have kidney tonic (urinary system) makes this kind of medicine very popular and expensive and rare.

"It is only cultivated at the top of the mushroom. It is sold under the name of the "Golden Sponge Bike", but only in the top of the mushroom and is a different kind of sponge. The sponge that caused the drug to be taken Therefore, the properties of the drug are lesser than the original medicine In the case of patients with kidney disease, it can be "rented" to nourish the body. Better Balances the Workout of the Excretory System It is used in the form of help to improve the main treatment, therefore, do not give up the primary treatment by a physician and should be used carefully in close medical care, as periodic monitoring of kidney function, "said Dr. Tares.

Dr. Tares said that in addition to the general health of the users. Many plant products should not be used, they should be used with understanding, so you should consult a doctor, pharmacist or professional practitioner with knowledge of herbs before and after use of this particular plant product on a regular basis


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