Wednesday , June 16 2021

DTAC "The more you love", the old customers retreat to 3000 baht.

Total Access Communication Public Company Limited or DTAC organizes a customer care campaign. Who wants to change a new mobile phone to be more modern With a package that's worth using with the campaign "The more you love, the more".

Pre-paid and subscription customers of Dtac who have more than 18 months of use can cash up to 3000 baht when using a smartphone that has a value of 5,000 baht Go for dtac customers monthly And models that cost 3,000 baht or more for customers with prepaid dtac services

You can contact to get a discount based on life in dtac service centers throughout the country and dtac online store, as interested customers can check the discount right by pressing * 234 # from the mobile phone. This campaign runs from 25 January to 28 February 2019. For more information and terms, contact the DTAC Center at 1678 or

Interesting popular smartphone models And can bring life to be replaced for further discounts
1. Samsung Galaxy J6 + reduces only to 1,990 baht from the normal 5.990 baht, without prepayment Simply apply for a 699 package
2. Vivo V9 decreases only up to 1990 baht from normal 7,999 baht and pays in advance 3000 baht and applies to pack 899
3. The Samsung Galaxy A7 reduces only to 2490 baht from the normal 8,990 baht, without prepayment Simply apply for the 899 package
4. Vivo V11i reduces only to 2,999 baht from the normal 8,999 baht and pays an advance service fee of 3000 baht and applies to a pack of 899
5. Vivo Y91 is reduced to just 3,490 bp from the normal 5,999 baht and the prepayment is 1500 baht and is applied to the 699 bundle.
6. Huawei Y9 (2019) reduced to just 3,490 baht from the normal 6,990 baht and paid the 2000 baht advance fee and applied for the 899 package.
7. The OPPO A7 reduces only to 3,990 baht than the normal 6,990 baht and pays a service fee of 1000 baht in advance and applies for the 699
8. Oppo F9 reduced to only 4,990 baht from a normal 10,990 baht with a prepayment charge of 3000 baht and applied to the 899
9. The Samsung Galaxy A9 reduces only to 11,990 baht from the normal 19,990 baht and pays a service fee of 3000 baht in advance and applies for the 1099
10. Huawei Mate 20 is only reduced to 14,490 baht than the normal 24,990 baht and the prepaid service charge is 5,000 baht and applies to the 1099
11. The Samsung Galaxy Note9 reduces only to 14,900 baht than the usual 33,900 baht and pays an advance fee of 8,000 baht and applies for the 1499

And many other models

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