Sunday , June 13 2021

Fear the lift! Unloading trucks were cut Lose your head and hit the student car Falling in the car, sleeping in the road – new news

On 25 January police Polonn Fonsec Nankanor (investigation), Ban Khai Police Station, Rayong Province, was notified of a four-door truck crash. The Bangkok Crossing Area, Sukhumvit Road, Ban Khai Subdistrict, Ban Khai District, Rayong Province, is coordinated with Dr. Vai, Dr. Ban Khai Hospital, and Sawangporn Kusol Rayong Rescue Area. Before you travel, check it out

In place of the Isuzu pickup truck, Nakh-5128 golden bronze registration, Rayong, behind the mounted roof, sent to Ban Khai School students and Isuzu pickup truck, white, registered, Nath-6748, Rayong. As a result, students sat down on the road. Wounded 8 people, 5 women, 3 men, no deaths So hurry to get the delivery Ban Khai immediately As far as the other side is concerned, I found the Isuzu pickup truck, registered with the red sign 7091, Chongburi crashed into the front light column. Park on the island in the middle of the road As a result of a long line of cars the police had to open the car on another channel.

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From the investigation, Mr. Danuca Shantamas, a 29-year-old red ejector ride cut on the front of the white pickup truck with Mr. Greena Pholthavonphol, 32 years old to be the driver who drives the car to lose weight, slides on tape I collided with a student car with Mr. Jirasak Bamrungsunthorn, 45 years old, driving the students to sit down completely. Impact of multiple injuries He was hiding when shocked by the accident As for the pickup driver who slid along the Wounded Walkway too They were all sent to the new hospital, both drivers and students.

Initially, the police investigated the incident. Get ready to pursue the red pickup And a four-door truck that crosses the street to hit the student car That will call them to admit the allegations

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