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Follow the draft NIA rice policy. Farmers gather seeds for themselves – in prison It was fined a hundred thousand!

Law on Rice

Follow the draft NIA rice policy. Farmers gather seeds for themselves – in prison It was fined a hundred thousand!

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nifon Puapongsakorn, Dear Scientist The Thai Institute for Development Studies (TDRI) revealed that "National Business", according to the study of the draft amendments to the Law on Rice … which the Emergency Committee will complete preparation for the supply the National Legislative Assembly (NBS) to consider agenda 2 and the agenda 3 soon. Because it has not solved the big problems that can affect the business and agriculture Especially in the development and trade of seeds according to art. 27. The law confers powers only on seed trade, which is approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. This means Farmers who are engaged in farming and have a way of life to keep their own seeds in the past will not be able to do so. Because there is a high penalty of one year's imprisonment and a fine of 100,000 battles or both

– First you need to understand the system Farmers have collected and developed their own varieties of rice. Causing good varieties such as Sao Hai or Sanjo rice But the development of farmers will be gradual. Not a company system that will be registered for certification If the law is effective In addition to not creating incentives for breeding development Also imposes a penalty up to 1 year imprisonment and a fine of 100,000 baht or both.

In addition, Section 34 continues according to the transitional arrangements that transfer the new Certifying Authority to the Department of Rice. Interest is a controversial issue as the Department of Rice is budget control as a researcher and a certified person And the problem with the requirement for the mill operator Should issue a rice certificate If it is found to be a fake certificate It will be punished by imprisonment until 1 year and with a fine not more than one hundred thousand baht or both and giving authority to Ministry of Agriculture and cooperatives to check the mill without warning Both of which must belong to the Ministry of internal trade and giving this power to risk the issue of staffing It works as a mill doing business as a criminal entrepreneur Which, as shown in this figure, remains

In addition, the composition of the production subcommittee and marketing subcommittee has not yet been finalized Lack of experts from the association / exporter of the mill Focus on government officials on the position Which may lead to the dominance of work Moreover, the budgeting of the work process is still lacking. And there is no problem for monitoring work.

However, there are some issues that have already been improved by the previous project: the overspending of the Department of Rice. Along with increasing the power of the Department of Rice and the Ministry of Internal Trade is equally Both with the Permanent Secretary of Agriculture and Cooperatives and the Department of Commerce was Secretary of the Department and interrupted section 22-26, which concerned production control and canceled the plan for Forecasting the price of rice This is what can not be done

On February 11, TDRI organized a Brainstorm Seminar on "The Draft Law on Rice …: How to Really Benefit" by inviting Mr. Casem Folchan. Chairman of the Association for the Collection and Distribution of Rice Seeds, Paul. Chairman of the Association of Thai Rice Producers Mr. Suthep Kongma, President of the Association of Farmers and Farmers in Thailand Mr Kriengsak Tarananon, President of the Thai Association for Rice Mills Scientists from the rice experts Join to comment

Ms Chintana Chaiwannakan, Deputy Prime Minister, revealed that Nation Business said she had provided information to comment on the draft amendment to the Rice Law … within the framework of the emergency committee. Many questions were initially resolved. Except for the seed, still have to adhere to the seed law principle expected to close next week

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