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Food through the "hard" processing process makes it easy to eat – easy to lose weight – new news

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Food through the "hard" process of processing makes nutrition – easy fat – BBC Thailand

The results of the first experiment confirmed this Specially prepared and processed food Ultra-processed food makes consumers feel more appetizing. And finally they eat more than 500 calories per day

The research team at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has revealed that 20 volunteers have been tested for 1 month feeding behavior in the lab.

Such volunteers will be divided into 2 groups: one group will eat food that has been redesigned. While the other group will only eat natural foods that are not processed

The two groups of volunteers switched to the type of food they had eaten in 2 weeks, with the two foods used in the experiment being studied. With the same tasty taste With the same amount of starch, sugar, fat and fiber

Then the research team found this During volunteers eat food that has been specially processed They tend to eat more. Consuming more food on average, up to 508 calories a day and having an average weight of about 1 kg

Foods are processed

Cell Metabolism
This Mexican dish is highly processed. It consists of Gesataya dough, stuffed with cheese Bean Puree, which adds salt until it is salted and lemon juice recipe

Dr. Kevin Hall, head of the research team, said – "This is the first experiment to prove that processed foods and obesity are linked. This indicates that this type of food can contribute to obesity among the majority of the population.

Previously, there have been studies showing that obesity is "widespread" among Americans. Caused by eating too much food, only about 200-300 calories a day

Dr. Hall said the cause of processed foods had a negative effect on health. It may be because it affects the hormones that control appetite. "When people eat natural foods that are rarely processed through hormones, PYY, which suppresses appetite, will increase. Grille that causes hunger reduction Even if you eat food that provides less energy

What are the processed foods that are "strong"?

In general, processed food is a food that is produced by the production process to change from natural conditions such as fried, dried, frozen or canned. Which is the most common food on the market? Some types are specially crafted in several steps.

Although the scientific definition of "highly" processed foods is still controversial, Dr. Hall says that this kind of food can easily be monitored by the information in the product label as follows:

  • It has ingredients in foods that you do not know or read aloud.
  • There are more than 5 different ingredients in the diet.
  • It has ingredients in the diet that the previous generation or model of Khunta grandma is not considered fit for consumption.

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