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GH Bank is ready to open publicly to announce its intention to buy lottery tickets on Monday, July 22nd.

Mr. Chachai Sirilai, Managing Director The Government Housing Bank (GHB) stated that on Monday, July 22, 2019, it was considered that on the first day the Bank had determined that the public clients they contacted wanted to buy the savings lottery. It can be obtained at branches of the bank across the country By opening a "Savings account" account which requires at least 500 baht to open an account to purchase up to 5 units per account and it is not necessary to deposit the full amount of the subscription on the day of account opening. Who can open an account in the name of a person Facility for personal / simple partnership Institutions that do not show profits Legal entities, limited liability companies, joint stock companies and individuals residing outside the country. Which user to open the account and wishes to buy the lottery will receive a request to buy savings lotteries, Thor. Vimarnmek as a proof of booking

The bank requires to open an account and request to purchase only until August 15, 2019, and the holder of the lucky bank account can bind the service with a mobile application: GHB All to receive a random result notification List of people eligible to buy lotteries and reserve lists. (In case there are more than 27,000 lottery subscribers) that the bank placed on 19 August 2019 and can check the date on which the bank requires the right to purchase the lottery to deposit money on the bill for replenishment. Depending on the number of units eligible to continue In addition, the Saving Savings Account will be a double transfer account to receive the GSB Saving Lottery Award on the day after each award date. It is also an account of receiving interest or principal on redemption.

In addition, the Aujda Bank's savings lot, a premium set of Vimanmek, is sold at a cost of 1 million baht per unit, 27,000 units or 27,000 million baht, with a 3-year lottery term. Each prize of 200,000 baht, 27 awards / month or 3 years will win 36 awards, a total of 972 awards. Will be at 8.07% per annum, will be awarded 3 times, average returns 21.40% per year, or will be rewarded 5 times. Returns set by the bank or given as a legacy to their children

For more information, please contact the Bank of Thailand or one of our customer service centers. Tel: 0-2645-9000 or and Facebook Fanpage, Government Housing Bank

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