Thursday , June 24 2021

Golden Dragon – Mueang Lamp – Chakphet – There are 7 Muay Thai competitions

Channel 7: Golden Dragon – Mueang Lamp – Chak Phet – You have a chance

The blue boxing arena Samut Prakan Province – Chong 7 Boxing Stadium and Ratchadomeno Stage Sunday, January 27 (today), has a boxing session to watch the three places of Chai Sit A. Bie, criticized by the following skills:

Boxing, Dee Sui, Thai Channel 28, DS, live 12.00

Fitness AP Apichat Muay Thai Boxing, kick, stroke, kick, knee, fight

Chaiyarong Chayutkhon Sueb Strong boxing blows, strikes, strikes, knees, fighters, strong strikes, fresh shape, with a strong tendency to win Diamonds Moonlight A.

Petch Chinnarat (New Diamond S.Arisa) S.Sommai, old boxing, kicking, punching, punching, punching, knees, struggle, violence, clever, experienced Punch, punch, knee, elbow, fight, violence, strong, always bone is secondary, type should win 129 years

Bowie Boxing alumni, kicking, punching, punching, piercing, knees, struggle

Muay Tai Fight 7 Color Channel 7 HD live broadcast 14.30.

Prana, boxing, strike, stroke, stroke, stroke, knee, wrestling

Chakhett Vishnu, mechanical boxing, kicking, punching, punching, bending, knees, fighting, violence, smarter, will win the far end of the distant distance.

Mueang Lamph (Khunphon Peak, W. Yuen Long), Saturday Vai Tea, boxing, stroke, stroke, stroke, punch, knee, wrestling, violence, mind, wrestling rather than winning Narin Dech (Kesa Gym Dechrit) smart, but satirical, protracted, unstable mind at the end of 119 years

(Sak Buriram) Boxing, kicking, punching, punching, stamping, kneeling, struggle, violence, clever, crushed but crashing, with collapse, will lose the golden dragon (Sak Buriram) punching, punching, punching, knees, elbow, wrestling

The Battle of Bangrachan Ratchadam Stage 18.30.

Dechrit Luk Klong Klang will win Anuwat Chokphoncharoen 101 P.

Phet Seri, Muang district, Thoen Muay Thai will lose Pettawan, TTM Gym 115 years

Corat Lek, Pao In, Chana Fett, Black Diamonds, Sakon Nahon 101 P.

Kittichai S.Rajarin will win the Malay University, Phuwana University, Admiral General Khon Kaen 127 P.

Day Satun, S. Kittisat will lose Baramee, sub-region Tha Wat, 122 P.

Chet Dao Phet Chum Saeng will win Petch Two, Prof. Muang Somsak Gym, 115 years old.

Fa Dragon, Prapain Sak, will win Diamond Ruby, Ruby Ruby, 155 P.

Tamarind Diamond Subdistrict Administrative Underwater Undertaking Will Be Defeated by Sharp Vet N & P Boxing Gym 93 Years

Phetanan Chok-amorn Muay Thai fitness will win the divinity of the top Buddhist 86 years

"Chai Sitthainee Bie"

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