Wednesday , July 28 2021

Greenland's ice melts six times faster


Photos from a NASA satellite

In the 1990s and 2000s, scientists were able to appreciate quite well. To measure melted ice And more precisely today with modern instruments such as satellite Weather station and sophisticated climate models

Recently, researchers from the University of California, United States, have discovered that they have calculated the amount of ice lost in Greenland since 1972, the year of the first satellite. Which is a satellite set of natural resources explored in orbit above Earth to capture the territory of Denmark The research team uses 3 ice melting methods. The first is the use of a laser satellite to measure the altitude. If the glacier melts, the satellite will receive information about a reduced height. And measure the gravity dispersion Including the development of mass balance models And compare the accumulated mass of rain and snow and the lost ice mass To calculate the remaining ice These models are confirmed with reliable field measurements. There may be some inconsistencies, but only 5-7% compared to the past 20-30 years. The survey results show that ice in the Greenland area has melted six times faster in the past 30 years and believes that at this level the sea has risen by 13.7 mm since 1972.

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