Saturday , June 12 2021

Huawei launches "NEXT-IMAGE Awards 2019" campaign. Win prizes And fly to the sky to Paris

Huawei launches the NEXT-IMAGE Awards 2019, a smartphone photo competition for the third consecutive year. Allowing Huawei smartphone users to share their views and experiences with pictures that appear to the world. Seek the number one racer to win a prize up to $ 20,000. (More than 6,000,000 baht) and more than 50 Huawei awards Including the opportunity to have a one-shot opportunity to get their own photo exhibition in Paris Photo in Great Paris, strenghtening the management of the smartphones for photography Break all the rules for a new perspective Strange of the original Are you ready to invite Thai people send photos from this campaign from March 26 to July 31, 2019

NEXT-IMAGE Awards is a global smartphone photo competition. It takes place continuously in the third year in which the first year in 2017 has over 157,000 requests from 90 countries around the world. For this 2019, take 6 types of photos like "#Emotion Tag" using emotional images, "Hello, life!", Offering new impressions or strength. From everyday places or events, Lizza shawl shows the identity and strength of the face, "Going the Distance". Discover new places and experiences. Using new features On the capture smartphone, such as zoom lens, wide angle lens, or Macro, Lifetime, save stories via videos
Length of no more than 30 seconds, and "History Hint" tells story from start to finish in 9 frames The winning prize will receive a prize of up to $ 20,000. (Over six hundred thousand baht), the HUAWEI P30 Pro and the right to take pictures of the exhibition at Paris Pictures 2019. The winners in each category will receive a prize up to $ 6,000. (Over 1,900,000 baht) and the HUAWEI P30 Pro, the 50th prize for the second place will receive the HUAWEI P30 Pro, which will be open until July 31st

Huawei urges Thai citizens to create a new perspective through a smartphone photo competition in the NEXT-IMAGE Awards 2019, and interested parties can send photos to the competition from July 31 to July. This Age The list of winners will be announced in September. Who can learn more about the competition and present the work on the official website of the

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