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Hunt for Tamil Drug Dealers! Chamber of a suicide bomber

Hunt for Tamil Drug Dealers! Chamber of a suicide bomber

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Rhythm for charging, catch a vice

The band of gangsters, distorted by hell, shot one police body before the incident. Lieutenant General Proc. I found the suspect parked in the car from the road, the captain opened the door to inquire. After being hit by a villain in 3 shots, the police sword was about to help. The villager turned to shoot and roll along the river, then again and again for 2 rounds.

In the case of a gang of broken ghosts, the police killed the police. Revealed at 12.20 pm On February 13, Polly de Chetmanang, deputy director (investigation), Wan Chin Police Department, Fare province, was notified of the incident. Search for drugs on Wang Chin-Long Road, Moo 7, Mae Koeng, 200 meters from the entrance to Wiang Kosai National Park. Major General Tanarat Chumsavad, police station in Prae, Police Officer, Phrae Province Police Station, Doer Weer, Wang Chin Hospital

Isuzu D-Max, bronze, silver, registration number 2, 400, Bangkok Parked on the side of the road On the dry side of the road About 2 meters from the car The wound was shot 38-kilometer in the chest after two shots bullet was buried in a single shot, and the body was with a 9mm body gun, dropped 1 cylinder in place. Dr. Sufhat Sombat, 51, Deputy Vice President, Wang Chin Police Department Police in the incident and the villain were shot with 3 shots, but they had not survived closely.

Pol.Lt. Suphawat said at the event that before the incident was informed of the radio communication, check the indicated traffic area. Because he has the idea that the villain will arrange to send methamphetamine on the way. After receiving the notification, it is immediately necessary to check the target immediately. Until he came to the scene under the umbrella of the big tree From the entrance of the park, about 200 meters away, the suspect parked in the car so he gave the parking lot, then quickly opened the door and asked what to do. But the villain uses three guns to shoot at the beating, but the bullet misses the jump behind the pickup when Kane opens the door to help. So he was beaten by the villain, firing 1 shot falling in the water way Before he shot, shot again for another 2 times and then escaped from the car

On behalf of Major General Tanarat Chumsavat, the police officer of Frae said that after the incident he ordered the mobilization of the police to urgently arrest criminals. He could not escape away Expected to be on the second day today The villain who committed the crime would be drug dealers in the area. Because before the incident, the police received a report from the line saying that the appointment of amphetamine would be sent to that area. Pol.Col.Suphawat Supawat and Ken's Inspector came to investigate the case when he was informed and found the suspect. Without waiting for the criminal to prepare the gun and open the fire at the end of the series. Considered as a lesson for the police to work more cautiously

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