Sunday , August 1 2021

I didn't choose the boxing side – I repeated all sides to find a way out.


I didn't choose the boxing side – I repeated all sides to find a way out.

Boxing – From the diamond case "Little Brother" Diamond P. P. Napat, 13-year-old boxer died. Blood in the brain after the new moon knocked down the top 3 in the fight in the boxing arena. Wat Klong Mon Ban Khlong Suan School Phra Samut Chedi Samutprakarn With a boxing match. Charity Boxing Competition Number 1 Against Dependence on Drug Addiction General Chairman Admiral Pravit Wongsuwan Deputy Prime Minister On the night of November 10, 61

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Dr. Kongsapan Pushmanee, Governor of the Thai Sports Authority (SAT) said that there were many comments about this. Someone wants to determine the minimum age of a boxer. At the same time, other parties are also important for children too. Now we do to prevent children from suffering the effects of the brain and body. And what other ways to do boxing are unique sports. Have a little training with him.

"This sport Thailand (SAT) does not ignore. And all suggestions, comments and all information. Information on both sides will be analyzed together to find a solution. All sectors must be involved in this solution."

"Dr. Gong" said that the data body had been sent to the Ministry. At the same time, the National Assembly (NIA) passed a draft. The next step is to do both numbers equally.

"I don't think that's a good thing. But how do we make children under 12 years old learn? Have competition. But in the competition it must be safe. The problem is we have to find a way out.

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