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InSight InSight

date November 27, 2006 at 3:00 pm (In Thailand) is a moment of waiting and challenges world science that NASA's InSight Can I successfully land on Mars?

This operation begins on May 5th, at 18:05 pm in Thailand. InSight is released from its base at the Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. United States The main mission is to collect geological data about Mars.

The second mission: Two small satellites, Wall-E and Eva (the name of the robot Wall-E), traveled to Test the possibility of broadcasting live Mars landings on InSight cars back to Earth. provided this information. InSight's mission on Mars consists of three main stages: 1. In the atmosphere 2. Down the surface and 3. Touch the ground.

Mars landing is the ultimate rock mission. There are many problems and obstacles in the atmosphere of Mars, which is only 1% of the Earth's atmosphere.

And when it passes. The atmosphere is softer than the world. The parachute used is therefore very effective. Due to the seriousness of Mars, it is only 38% of the world, which causes the car to fall on the ground at high speed. The parachute itself can not be fun. It is necessary for the missiles to slow the speed of the vehicle before landing.

The landing process is very fast. Take control of the computers of pre-programmed vehicles. But when it comes to real time. The computer must be processed, analyzed and resolved. A small bug in the program will bring the mission to failure immediately.

The cab was successful. It will be drilled deep beneath the surface of Mars at about 5 meters to store the geological data. The SPACETH.CO page will be live on November 27, 61, from 01:00 onwards., NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National Astronomical Institute (Public Organization) Ministry of Science and Technology

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