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Inthanin continued with the real ECO Brand, targeting the 100 million biodegradable glass leaders for 63 years.

Mr. Chayvat Kovavasrah, Chief Executive Officer and President of Bangchak Corporation's Public Company, said that according to the Bangchak business group It gives importance to society and things Environment continues Especially in the Instinct Who is the leader of the Eco Brand business, through a campaign to reduce the use of plastic through the "Bring Glass" project as the first 2011 initiative to use Bioplastic Glass (Bio Cup), which is made from plants and is biodegradable with natural 100% (biodegradable plastic – Bio Ba sed) from 2015 to the largest user of the present Cool to reduce plastic pipe waste in 2018 (Inthanin Non-tube) and to become a new type of drink Which is expected to be available in all branches throughout the country during the World Environment Day, which is June 5, 2019.

Including the development of packaging articles such as glass, coated paper, bio-plastic for hot menus and bio-plastic pipes. All this To reduce the amount of plastic that does not decompose once Reduce real and specific waste and environmental problems Under the concept – In All Of Our Glass For All Our World "(Physical Glasses in Intanin)

In addition, the government In reducing plastic bags every 4th day of the month In June Which corresponds to World Environment Day The company has a project "Intranet is not a pipe – without bags" without the addition of pipes and plastic bags. From 5 June 2019 (World Environment Day) until 3 July 2019 (International Non-Plastic Bags Day)

And has recently created the Kaewphan Klaeng project together with the Royal Department of Forestry for the use of biodegradable materials with Intalen's bioplastic glass which is made of 100% bioplastics (Bioplastic) naturally decomposes within 180 days 3 children's centers, namely Bangkok, Ratchaburi and Chachoengseo To replace the plastic nursery bags of the Forest Promotion Office for 1 year from the crèche There is a project to change the use of biodegradable materials within the the next 3 years, which is expected to reduce the use of plastic bags with more than 50 million a year.

Mr. Chayvat revealed information about Khou Intanin After experimenting with the use of drinking steam in the cold menu in 2018, Inthanin continued to develop the packaging from the study itself. To maximize satisfaction during drinking In the hot menu, Inthanin switches to the use of PBS coated glass, which is completed by the new year's collection. Glass, Cold Menu, and Dome Cover Already a bioplasty (PLA) from 2015. Inthanin is expected to help reduce the use of plastic. With 100 million bio-biodegradable glasses by 2020, including plans for switching to bioplastic lamps in the third quarter and other packaging adjustments in the store to make Inthanin Green Café It's really eco-friendly

Inthanin, in addition to being the number one bioplastics used in Thailand and the leader in biodegradable glass in the coffee business, see that Inthanin has strong determination and determination In creating public awareness Re: Reduction of waste from plastic waste serious responsibility for environmental issues through the consumer network Because of the drinking of 1 cup of coffee in the Incan In addition to the 100% genuine Arabica coffee beans that give a soft, fragrant aroma Every glass of Inthanin is not just coffee. But this is consumption with a good consciousness And jointly responsible for this world

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