Monday , June 21 2021

Isan study of Thailand, 44%.

Isan poll for Thailand, mostly 44%, Pachchaburi, rank 4, waiting for people to solve it.

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Isan Poll, a study of political parties in the people of Isan There is a tendency to support "for Thailand", which is 44.8%, followed by a "new future". The power of the state is the fourth, with the "resolution on poverty" being a challenge for all political parties.

At 13.00 pm On February 13 reporters reported it Isan or Northeast Business and Economic Research Center, Faculty of Economics University Khon Kaen Revealed the results of the party survey he likes and the policy of the Northeast People Which has studied the views of the sample group in 20 northeastern provinces It was found that in the election of MEPs for 2019 the people of Isan most often support candidates from the Phuea Thai Party. The next is the "Future Party", the National Party of Thailand, the Pracha Rattana Party, the Pride Thailand Party. And the Democratic Party

Prof. Dr. Sutin Vivianiat, Isaan Poll Project Leader The Khon Kaen University said that from a study of views from a sample of 20 provinces in the northeastern region during the age group of 18 or older in providing support to candidates from any political party in the 2019 elections was found to number 1 Support for Phuea Thai candidates to 44.8%, followed by new candidates from the future party, 21.2% followed by candidates from the Thai party. 7.5% of national treatment, 7.4% of state party, the proud Thai side 6.1%, Democratic party 3.9%, the rest 9.1% support other parties Either still not decided or not selected

"While exploring the problems and challenges of the Northeast that have to do the most, it has been established that the number 1 of the population of Isan had the largest number of poor, especially in agriculture. That is why 63.5% of poverty can not be achieved, followed by the economic problems of the Isan region, with a low growth rate, lower than the national one, therefore there is a tendency of income mismatch compared to other sectors. At 49.1% and the third is the main production sector, agriculture is still traditional, relying on nature, resulting in low productivity and high use of chemicals. At 40.3%, which is the three important urgent policies that the new government must undertake immediately to resolve the problems of the people of Issan after the government is completed "

Prof. Dr. Sutin continued this About the top 5 favorite policies that Isan likes and wants to include Income Policy for a Stable Life is 42.2%, followed by Progressive Farmers, 41.1%, followed by provincial policy for decentralization and the population is 32.5%, the policy for creating a rice fund for farmers. 70% are 27.3% and policies to increase farmers' incomes in non-toxic plants. However, 26.7% of Isan Poll's survey in the 20 northeastern provinces of the baking group has 99% confidence in the study and has a positive and negative error in the percentage ratio. 4

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