Tuesday , June 15 2021

Isuzu Mew-Exodix … "Special Edition!" New colors with safety technology – new launchers

Isuzu opens the car market since the beginning of the year. Accepting a special car style Special edition! "Isuzu Me-XD Onyx … brings a new feeling to you."(ISUZU MU-X THE ONYX … NEW TEST) With facelift "New! Isuzu Mew-X" For a new sports look A also add a composition Isuzu Dmax Special Edition! Tech Wealth" To meet the current demand for pickups Added options for models with 4 doors and 2 doors with 1.9 engine and 3.0 DDI Blue Power.

Tri Petch Group Toshaki Akagawa, Managing Director of Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Co., Ltd. revealed that "At the moment, Isuzu has sold 2 pickup trucks and multipurpose vehicles, which are standard models and special models that come with customized kits, which has a unique design to meet the diverse lifestyle of customers. is ready to begin. Special edition! "Isuzu Mew-Exlex Onix … brings a new feeling to you (ISUZU MU-X THEONYX … NEW TEST) A versatile luxury car that will bring a new feel to you. With acute … intense excitement of any molecule that is sporty With the ONYX DESIGN EDITION dress

Dark, spacious cabin AMBIENT LIGHT-colored It helps to increase the atmosphere in the atmosphere With full comfort Meets all driving styles with 2-wheel drive Comes with the power of the Isuzu 1.9 and 3.0 DDI Blue Power engine for high performance Strong but saves fuel And most -Eco-friendly in the car, the same level of exclusive Isuzu diesel technology With a new level of security. BOS (Brake System) system to reduce engine power to help stop and new! Airback 6 maps to protect drivers and passengers around the car An entertainment system with built-in Navigator and digital TV tuner with "New! Isuzu Mew-X" A standard version with a new look of sporty style

Together with the introduction of vehicle maintenance programs based on distance "Insuz Service Isuzu" (Isuzu Service Inclusive or ISI), which is an option for customers to take advantage of the standard Isuzu Service Center. And in response to the hot demand of pickup customers, we added modelsnewIsuzu D-Maxsthet! " Version 2 The Door And add an alternative to the Isuzu 3.0, DDI Blue Power engine Which began selling on February 9th

"Isuzu Mew-Exix Onix" A luxury luxury multipurpose car designed to stimulate the senses of real life.newONYX DESIGN EDITION dress Unique front to end Ostro … every molecule Providing full attractiveness to the sporty mood that attracts all eyes from any angle such as the front rear bumper kit With special design skirts that give the sporty look a distinctive new design grille! 3D gives high dimension, elegance, clarity, sporty mood Eyebrows, black wheels Add trendy, elegant Black LED lights match all views New aluminum wheels! 18-inch flash black design and roof top sports Designed with the car

With a new experience, experience the mood of the dark and elegant cabin. NEW! LIGHT LIGHT The ambient lighting, which adds a dimension to the cabin, stands out with more levels. With a complete entertainment system And complete features that are arranged to be easy and convenient to use Respond to the modern life of car users in all aspects, black semi-leather seats, Sport Cut to fit the body.

Add another level of trust. new! BOS (Brake System) t Engine power reduction system to assist braking NEW! Air bag 6 cards Front, side, side and side airbags Enhance the driver's protection capability And passengers around the car An entertainment system with a built-in Navigator and digital TV tuner Available with only two wheel drive models, the 6-speed automatic transmission, the 1.9 DDI Blue Power and the 3.0 DDI Blue Power to choose from, including New! Etna Red, Everest Perla White, Australian Black Coal and Iceberg Silver Price 1,364,000 – 1,421,000 baht

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