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"J-Pin" knows all about "3 Chao", leaning against the fabric


"J-Pin" knows all about "3 Chao", leaning against the fabric

Saturday, August 10, 2019, 11.36

Mother's Day greetings with Pin-Ketmani's national mother, who is the husband of J-Chetrin and 3 children, boss & Khun & Chao Samut because of the iron rule. This house has no secrets! Mother must know everything Even the heart, love no one !! Who is flirting !! The mother must know and know deep in the shadow. Because at the time of the 3 houses you are still walking around to straighten the fabric. Speaking and then wanting to be a mother, get hooked immediately.

Then the young woman, Patricia Hood, wears May Tio-Pianuh to show the charm of the show. You are ready to clear the rumors of the breakup of Peach Fachara High Society. The answer will look like this: Watch live on The 3 Kicks this Sunday, 1.15pm Channel 3 and Channel 33 HD.

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