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JAPAN – DALTPATHER TEA Join the Thai PGA Championship Khon Kaen.

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Jasmine Prem Sirikorn and Dafat Chaiafhong clashed with hot lead for three days. "Sing – SA Khon Kaen Championship 2018" after the same strike from 9 to 207 at Singha Park Caen Golf Club on November 23, 61 at Pia Saung Arun. The only blessing.

The winner will receive a 360,000 baht cash prize, as well as the winner of the PGA Tour Merit Order in Thailand. The last game of the season November 21-24 in Singha Park Kahn Golf Club, 7,536 yards in seventy-eight holes before the end of the third round. Seventy-eight, under the leadership of Daft Chaiafum, the leader of two rounds, finished the round of only Ewan Par 72, a total of three days, with 9 under 207, with Piyasan Arunporn, the leader of the round. At 1 overs above par 73, was the third to score 8 at 208.

"This is not a good day," said Premi Kirilok. The weather is very windy. Green is faster than ever. The first nine holes stumbled in the middle. But nine holes returned well to get one. This is considered a good return. This week is over. Because I have not played well for a long time. This requires a big correction. Hope in the last round. I assure you. This is a field that is quite similar. I won all of Thailand here. I have to wait and see the weather. People in the band are good and have a chance to win all. "

Dolphat Chaiafung, a 28-year-old golfer from Nakhon Sawan The winner of the first PGA Tour in Thailand said: "The whole game is good, the management of the shock is the same, but today the pit does not fall." Compared to the first two fifths, fifth to 31st The green corners here are three punches Today three holes in two holes In the final round I did not think much about trying to play As the situation is already difficult If it's stressful it's even harder to get in Including a Putter If the Pit is a "

Wichayanont Chotirunruangruang, 21-year old golfers from Wuhan Tani The first professional championship last October in Chatrium Golf Resort, Soi Chantaburi, completed the third round to 4 under 68, ranked fourth with 7 points under 209 with Ativan Winai. Rattakul and Ramala Muang Rak made 3-under 69 po after a stroke at 6-number 210.

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