Sunday , January 17 2021

Justcar entered the market for used cars Digital platform Intelligent website A full second-hand car center

Based on economic statistics, the market for used cars grew by 7% in 2018, with a total turnover of not less than 1.36 billion Bata and more than 250 new traders. Demand for buyers to used cars is much higher than in the past. And from the market forecast this year, the market for second-hand cars may grow by 14%, which is considered to be a growth factor on the market. And the current high economy

"Would it be better for someone to take care of us, help us and advise us without having to waste money and time?"

Saranapat Triitsarapol Managers and founders of Justcar (Thailand) Co., Ltd. they see the need and want to create tools to help the new generation. Or someone who needs to buy a car Creating a new digital trading platform With a complete model of use And you have exclusive marketing accents like "Express car sales within 3 hours", a new challenge that shows the potential And marketing links that are better than conventional car market competitors for customers who come to use the service to buy and sell used cars on the site makes Justcar (Thailand) Co., Ltd. higher growth rate over the past year. It's known And won the trust of buyers and sellers in the market of used cars quickly

"This is an important step With the start of an online business Second hand Through digital platforms As a person with experience in selling used cars So I understand and see the problems and concerns of car dealers So there is a concept to create the image of the Trust brand and create good position or good external vision for the used car market By starting second position at the car exchange center via The smart website, which is perfect, modern, easy to use, answers it to today's lifestyle. We will have a system of Call Center, which will help 24 hours a day. With full service JASCAR, it is well accepted in the online market for used cars. Saranapat Triitsarapol CEO & FOUNDER, Justcar (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said

For those who want to sell cars Or buy a car There is access to the service at which is easy to use by site Just enter the site. You will be able to talk, ask – to answer the help department that is ready to answer questions, to provide information to all customers 24 hours a day, as well as other additional services that suit more customers, such as selling express cars within 3 hours Best for the seller And buyers with 200 engine verification services from a team of quality experts across the country to ensure this And guaranteeing the quality of the car for customers who use the service to buy and sell racing vehicles through the Justcar website and also provide after-sales service to ensure a guaranteed engine run after 15,000 kilometers or a Free 1 year repair if JustCar customers need more information, please contact our service center for car inspections at any time.

In addition, JustCar also takes care of the needs of customers with the basic features of guaranteeing up to 5 services:

  1. There are standards that can be guaranteed.
  2. The price is suitable for buyers and sellers.
  3. Effective monitoring
  4. With a warranty for the car
  5. Finance for Buyers

Which people are interested in buying – selling second-hand cars Or interested in the used car market Can easily launch as a Justcar vendor Or follow the news updates for the Facebook automobile industry: Just a Thailand car or contact for more information directly with the professional team at Call Center 02-821-5700

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