Wednesday , December 2 2020

"Liverpool" announced a long-term contract "Mane" by 2023: PPTVHD36

Liverpool officially announced a long-term contract with Sergio Mano, the Senegal national team's strike line was completed. It is expected to reach 2023.

"Liverpool" announced a long-term contract "Mano" by 2023

Sabin Mano's offensive line. From Liverpool the contract is renewed, although the club has not yet confirmed that the contract has been renewed. But all media said they would stay in Anfield by 2023.

Mano reveals his feelings after signing a new contract this time. This is the best decision in his football career. Very Happy The happiest time was to extend the moment of happiness to Liverpool. This is a great day and now we expect to do everything to help the team completely. This will help the team achieve sleep. Especially with victory.

Move from Southampton with a £ 34m fee in the summer of 2016 and so far. He scored the team to 40 goals from the field 89 shots.

Jerry Campbell said the reds are good news for everyone. I do not think there are European clubs that do not want players like him, so the choice we have with our team is a testimony to the level of the team now. He is a key member of the team. He himself is happy. And I think this is reflected in the form of a game.

Another one that Liverpool extended the contract was Thomas Kelly Marx, who trampled the ball. The contract is for another six months until June next year.

Galatata has been assigned a summer coach to take care of the technical skills of Liverpool players who play as Trent Alexander Arnold or Joe. Left-wing development and Liverpool are satisfied with the work of the world's most famous football coach with a record of 51.3 meters, Gomez recently showed. Live the game in England. The starting point of the first goal was Jessie Lynch, who scored 1-1 Croatia.

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