Monday , July 26 2021

Lock up! A frantic soldier holding a M16 robbery to face the biggest challenge …

M 16

Lock up! A frantic soldier holding a friend M16

robbery M 16 From the case, police officer Tamanun Tradipongfon, police officer, Samuat Prakan province Together with Paul.Kul.Sutiroi Ending Violence Police Department of Phra Pradaeng Province Samut Prakan Provincial Investigation Service, District 7, Police Officers, Thung Khru Police Department, Royal Military Academy, Saturday No 1 and Nakhon Pathom Special Operations Unit

The collection of Mr Bunnakorn Chaiwatphonmongkolsuk's 22-year follow-up force, Kamphaeng Saen province, Nakhon Pathom province, who is recruited At the Kamphaeng Saen Aviation Administration, Nakhon Pathom Province and the accused under the Provincial Court Arrest Warrant in Nakhon Pathom in the kidnapping of government ownership firearms M16 in a military camp in Prathom province Before using firearms, stealth pendants, Nissan brand cars, black march models, do not attach registration numbers to the Kamphaeng Saen neighborhood, pro Vinh Nakhon Pathom.

While in the morning of February 26 driving with a 16-year-old girlfriend before an accident driving another car while a good citizen found a gun in the car, the accused then turned away before escaping. A total of 7 cars before hiding in the Tunghru area, as already reported

Last 17.40 The reporter said the Officer could control Mr. Bunnakorn Chaiwat. With a girlfriend After hiding from the morning under the bamboo trees in the coconut plantation behind the Darinee community And attached to the bank of the Channel Buffalo Which is at the end of Soi Pracha Uthit 69, Junction 18, Bang Mot suburb, Thung Khru district, Bangkok

The staff does not give interviews to the media. Before we hurry to control Mr. Bunakorn Chaiwat With his girlfriend And the firearm M16 Go back to investigate the Phra Pradaeng police station further. Province Samut Prakan Proceed to the legal procedure

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