Wednesday , June 7 2023

Lost and tossed! Netizens stab Hung Hun to hand out bananas to viewers – race to host Mike, Fight 10 Fight 10


Critics Z! Top 10 boxing fighters list last night, "Hung Hung", Father J's son, lost Bank Hormone. Make people look tired Offensive Twitter hashtags

On August 12, social media criticized the case of Hong Hung-Chakrafat Vattanasin, son of famous singer J-Jatrinwattanasin, with Pin-Ketman Wattanasin, a former actress. Meet the Bank – Titi Maha Rak Rak, a young actor who made a name for himself with the dramatic series Hormones of Problematic Age and the movie "May Who … the Power of Fire" in boxing, including Super Star 10 Fight 10, was broadcast live on Workpoint Channel last night.

It turns out that after the end of the match, Bank-Thiti is the winner as the program does nothing. But then the audience, even astonished by J-Jatrin's Hun Xing behavior, is inappropriate. They both raise the middle finger to the audience. Look for Mike from host "Kan Kantathaworn" until he said "Hung Panya (Nirankong, owner of Workpoint Company) never came to compete for me." There is also drama about the championship belt that Jethrin took on Hong Hung's belt. He claims that the belt is also left behind

This work makes hashtags. # 10Fight10 and # Hung Hung Popular in Thailand With criticism from Twitter that Hung Hung has no social fanfare. Especially the story of the middle finger retention of the wildlife audience To be a student for the student outside But holding the middle finger in an international way is not considered And you need to be careful, the athlete knows how to lose, win, know more Some of the messages they also apply to Jatherine Laem, who comes to politics.

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