Friday , July 30 2021

Molecules from the beginning of the universe were found in space


Regards to: NASA / SOFIA / L. Proudfit / D.Rutter

Star scientists have provided information that the 100,000-year period of a massive explosion of the theory of the generation of the universe or the universe is called "Big Bang" during this time. The first molecule is formed by an incredible combination of two elements: helium and hydrogen, becoming "helium ions, hydrides" or short for HeH +.

Forming HeH + is the first step to see the complexity of many things in the universe. From the model in 2513, HeH + was suggested to have a large amount of gas in bright light. Which was released by a star like the Dying Sun, John S. Hopkins's latest researcher in the US, revealed that after decades of searching, they eventually discovered this difficult molecule in space. From the use of the Sofia Observatory of Sky (SOFIA) for Boeing 747 of the National Aviation and Space Administration OR NASA

Of the three datasets received from the Sofia Observatory in May 2016, scientists found that there is evidence of molecular heH + that has long been sought. Which is related to the planetary nebula called NGC 7027, which is about 3,000 light-years and is believed to be another evidence to help solve the secrets of the universe.

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