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N-Squared eCommerce, turn the game around, make a profit Speed ​​up the expansion of the entire ASEAN market


N-Squared eCommerce Distributor and management of integrated e-commerce sales channels in Thailand Recognized by more than 60 leading brands in the country and abroad Create phenomenal growth With total sales of the Group's products in 2018 reaching 735 million baht, with a sustainable net profit of 37 million baht with a growth rate of 246% from 2015, which guarantees sales at the end of 2019 in Thailand It will cost more than 1,400 million baht and will expand the business to the leading companies in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines to open a new market in you Nam and Indonesia by the end of 2562 too.

N-Squared eCommerce

Hung Natapol Bunfanon

Mr. Natapol Bunfonon, Managing Director, N-Square E-Commerce Co., Ltd. He said that "the e-commerce market in Southeast Asia still has many growth opportunities. The share of e-commerce sales is still only 3 percent, which is still low compared to China at 30 percent and the US with 10 percent. This region is still much larger. The factors that are driving the market to grow are partly due to the rapid expansion of the e-market place over the last three years and continue to have good growth rates all the time "

N-Squared eCommerce

N-Square e-commerce focuses on investing in technology to increase business potential. Like the e-market order management system and social media in real time (Omni-channel ERP system), which makes warehouse and more efficient inventory management and the use of Big Data to understand consumer behavior in the e-commerce market more, such as planning, promotion and cost Planning for product package management, sufficient inventory management during major campaigns Including online advertising to meet buyers

N-Squared eCommerce

And from the trend of social commerce or the trend of buying and selling products through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and LINE, which share 51% of all online sales We see growth opportunities, so we have evolved and developed AI Chat Bot for to help sell products through social media channels by talking to customers. Accept orders Up to the link with the warehousing and freight company in one system Well received by the customers, which makes it in the first half of 2019 Chat N-Square artificial bot Create more than 200 000 sales orders in the second half of the year. We will add social marketing channels to become another important platform that can generate sales for our business and the partners we are able to grow with. more

N-Squared eCommerce

Mr Nathfon went on to say, "I have a starting point as an online marketer. Who only sold 29 orders per month And we strive to develop and build branded home appliances under the brand "Home Hug" (HomeHuk). Which has become a leading brand in the online homegroup, which has sold more than 1 million products to customers and continues to develop at e-commerce company N-Square. Make N-Square an expert in online sales across all channels Including the use of various marketing strategies and tools To promote sales and achieve the goals that are most effective. "

N-Squared eCommerce

In the ASEAN market, e-commerce N-Square has regional cooperation with many leading brands for managing distribution channels. Allowing the use of expertise in product groups Technology system And understanding the market through subsidiaries operating in each country As well as the opportunity to expand the HomeHuk product market to become regional brands

"This 2019, N-Square E-Commerce has set a total sales target of 1,400 million baht that we can go as planned. And we expect sustainable growth And generate long-term profits With innovation and staff development You are ready to be a leader in distribution and manage ASEAN's full e-commerce sales channels " Mr Natfon is finished.

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